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25 July 2015

An Official Way to Kill Apps & Save Battery on Android

There are many 3rd party play store apps that claim to save battery on your android device by utilizing few parameters by which they can kill apps, turn off the Wi-Fi of your device automatically, switch to Wi-Fi from 3G hence giving you more battery juice and even lowering the brightness, likewise we earlier posted about the Battery Doctor an android app that claims to do all the above mentioned stuff.

So obviously installing these applications could help you in saving your android battery and RAM for sure, but what if you do not want to install any application from the app store and just want to stay natural and let your internal settings manage all these things, well now obviously you might not be able to get every setting officially as these are meant to increase the productivity of your phone.

But still there is an official way to kill all the activities on your android device as soon as you leave those applications.

Kill Apps on Android as Soon as you Leave Them

android official app killing featureYes a developer settings feature can help you do this by just enabling it, so from there onwards as soon as you will leave that application, that activity will be terminated automatically hence saving you battery and RAM for sure.

  1. Unlock your Android Device.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Developer Options and then enable the Don't Keep Activities feature you will see like in the image on the right.

Now your activities on your android will automatically be terminated as soon as you will leave them.

So in case you were using any application and you go back to your homescreen, that app will automatically be terminated and hence your battery will not get drained and it will even enhance your RAM on your android device.

So guys I hope you enjoyed this simple but useful tutorial, try utilizing this feature and do comment if it really saved you something, battery or RAM, till then have fun.