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27 July 2015

How to FIX and Recover Corrupted Tally Data Easily

tally-logoAccounting information is extremely important for its users, Tally being the leading accounting software application of India includes lots of integrated securities to secure the information from getting damaged, nevertheless information can still get damaged and Tally supplies simple alternatives to recover it. Although tally has actually supplied lots of methods to secure you information however due to some human mistake or system failure we loose our information.

Especially in case of tally it cripples our day today company. We need to very first see why information has actually got damaged the methods to recover depends upon factor it got damaged. So to start with lets see various factors which can trigger information corruption.

Why Tally Data Gets Damaged ?

Well there could be many known and unknown reasons for corruption of Tally Data, well we will few ones that are known and would eventually try to remover from that stage with handy knowledge.

  1. While working on Tally power goes off and UPS is not able to offer you backup. Next time you would open tally the company where you were working would get damaged.
  2. The computer system on which you are working is not accurate and OS is not working correctly. Someone formatted it !!
  3. You have actually taken many backups by copying the tally folder in your personal folder and now you are confused which is the latest one.
  4. You have actually taken a backup when you attempt to recover it your information is deleted or washed out.

How to Recover Damaged Tally Data ?

Solutions to these issues requires not much technical knowledge but little knowledge could also help. So lets see what errors you get and how to fix those tally errors.

#1. Tally Files got Damaged & You get Below Error

Sometimes when Tally information gets damaged you are revealed a error message somewhat like below:


If you get a error much like above then there are strong possibilities of recovering your information loosing just last couple of data entries. For recovering from such scenarios Tally offers a simple company rewriting feature, which checks data information for error free entries and recreates the company profile with all the legitimate data entries it can recover. To utilize just follow the guidelines listed below, it is constantly much better making a backup of your Tally information folder prior to trying any recovery procedure:.

  1. Open your Tally and navigate to the Company Selection Screen.
  2. Now press Ctrl + Alt + R keys to open up the Company Rewrite Feature.
  3. Select the corrupt company profile and press Enter to begin the rewrite service.

This feature solves maximum number of damaged cases, well in case everything went back to normal, try to check the last you made and see what's the last entry its having, in case few of your last entries are missing do them now and then backup your profile right away & secure it online or safe place.

#2. Your Computer is not able to Start

There could be a case when your computer gets virus attacked or due to some reasons you are not able to start your computer, but you need to recover your tally data, then you can aim to boot the system in DOS mode. When in DOS mode you can copy all tally folders and data into D drive.

If DOS mode is likewise not working then try removing the Hard Disk and inserting that into some computer and re trying to start the computer or open the DOS mode. If the disk is okay and without bad sectors then you would have the ability to open the tally folder. If still it not working then before formatting your drive try using some recovery software or in case you are a total noob, take your PC to a computer expert and ask him to do the JOB.

There could be a virus attack, that might be stopping your computer from booting up, well there one way to get of virus and protect system files, try using the Rescue disk provided by Kaspersky and Bitdefender, this thing can remove viruses without need of started up PC, it can boot from the DOS menu and can scan for everything.

#3. Running Too Many Tally Version

Problem occurs when individuals are running numerous versions of tally and all of them are installed in different drives. More over they take backup by copying data folders instead of taking backup from tally itself. So more folder makes more confusion. In this case simply keep in mind the No. of your company profile in tally. For instance if your company No. is 006 then go to your computers search window and enter that number to scan all the folders with that name.

You would see the list of folders. Now in those folders check the files with latest modified files, that is going to be latest backup, try copying it back to your tally directory to get the data loaded.

Best Tips to Protect your Tally Data and Be on Safe Side

  1. Take backup on routine basis make it a routine to take backup when ever you have actually done sufficient work. The frequency of backup constantly depends upon just how much work you do day-to-day basis or just how much work you can pay for to do once again !!
  2. Try to keep the data backups away from the Windows installed directory, like in case your windows is installed in C: Drive try to maintain the backups in other drive D: or so on.
  3. Take backup on the basis of name of days or name of month. If information is high then the backup location can be like this D:\Tally_Backup\Monday or D:\Tally_Backup\Tuesday and so on. With this method you would get 7 backups and all backups can not be damaged. If information volume is low then backup can be taken as D:\Tally-Backup\June.
  4. If you have a high speed internet connection, its best to upload your data to some cloud based hosting site like using Google Drive to protect your data.
  5. Try maintaining less companies, if possible maintain a single company, is going to save you from a lot of problems..
  6. There must be just one Tally version installed and one Tally folder. A lot of version messes up all the things and folders multiplies your work.
  7. Proper UPS backup should be given to the computer on which your accounting is done, its saves you from lot of hassles..

I really hope these options can work for you and will help you recovering your corrupted Tally data easily. If you have any doubts in this post then don't hesitate to ask kindly post that below in the comments section.