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16 November 2015

How to Remove Popup Ads from Free Avira Antivirus

Avira was the first ever company to introduce the free antivirus concept and yes they were and still are considered to be the best in providing good detection rate and reliable security but I do not agree with that as with free antivirus you are going to get a lot more free goodies like pop ups, well yes with this post we are going to block all those popups coming from avira antivirus but still if you want to go with the world class security for free then bitdefender free antivirus is your option, I personally use it and it works like a charm.

avira popup ads

Well all that later, now we are talking about removing those annoying popup ads from free avira antivirus, well lets get started.

Blocking Unwanted Popups from Free Avira Antivirus

I just found a nice tool called BGP Killer that claims to remove all those unwanted ads from avira hence block them out before they actually pop out. Well so lets see how it actually works.

  1. Download BGP Killer Freeware Tool.
  2. Now just install this tool on your system where you have Free Avira Antivirus Installed.
  3. That's it this tool will work automatically and block all those annoying popup ads occurring from free avira antivirus.

So now you are popup ad free and now no annoying popup ads will occur while your free avira antivirus is installed, this tool will work on its own and save you from that hazel. This tool is not available as a portable version, so mark that thing make sure you install this as a normal tool.