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11 February 2016

How to Play PS2 Games on Windows PC using Elumator

PS2 short for Play Station 2, a console developed by Sony that revolutionised the gaming industry. We know how well games were developed for it and how amusing it was to play all those games, well now as the gaming industry evolved we got new consoles, new gaming platforms and much more and PS2 was not there anymore, but still we remobed all those games.

pcsx2 playstation emulator windows

Well if you are like me and love to play all those games, well i have a very nifty solution for you that will help you to play PS2 games on your windows pc. Yes you can play any game on your windows pc that was once developed for the PS2 platform.

Playing PlayStation PS2 Games on Windows PC

So now lets see how it all works and how we can emulate all those console games on windows pc.

  1. Download the PCSX2 Emulator.
  2. Its a small file so download it and install it, well but you will need the BIOS files to start and configure the emulator, so download BIOS Files Here. (Mega.co.nz Link | Mirror Links
  3. Now after you have installed it, Configuration wizard will open up, just press Next and change nothing if you do not have any knowledge, if you have a good knowledge base, then you can make some modifications.
  4. Next you will see a BIOS Setup Menu which show no files, well the BIOS File you have downloaded, needs to be extracted, just do that.
  5. Now press Open the BIOS File folder in explorer and paste all the extracted contents over there.
  6. Next press the Refresh List and you will see three Countries BIOS Files loaded up, just select the USA one and press Next.
  7. Thats it your PCSX2 Emulator will be loaded and ready to be used.

How to Download and RUN PS2 Games using PCSX2

Now comes the best part downloading and installing the PCSX2 games and running them using this emulator.

  1. Well downloading the PS2 games is pretty easy, you can either purchase a CD/DVD and convert it to the .ISO file or you can download .ISO game using the online Torrent Service.
  2. For Instance i downloaded the DefJAM Fight for NY, its a nice combination of creative enviroment and SmackDown, yes you are right, its a action based game that has maximum moves of SmackDown with much more improved graphics and more. Check the below video.

  3. So now after you have downloaded the game, you need to have a .ISO file for that game, if its in .RAR package or .ZIP then make sure to extract the file from it and then you will get .ISO file.

    pcsx2 windows emulator iso select
  4. Now you have the .ISO file just open your PCSX2 Emulator and navigate to CDVD > ISO Selector > Browse.
  5. After you have successfully selected your file, just choose System > Boot CDVD (Fast) option.
  6. That’s it now you should be able to see your game running file, well you will need a PS2 based windows controller, well to my surpirse my XBOX 360 controller for windows worked fine, and i would recommend you to purchase that only, as many other PC games could also be played using XBOX 360 controller. Its good looking and wireless too.

So this is how you are going to install and play playstation 2 games on your windows pc, well i have even created a video below, that you can see to enjoy the full tutorial with breeze, hope it works for you, ENJOY.