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10 April 2016

Build your own 4k Gaming Computer under Rs.100,000

Getting practically 50-60 FPS on 4K resolution or Ultra High Settings in the majority of hardcore video games appears quite hard when you have a low budget computer setup, so if you are planning for an upgrade or thinking about getting brand-new desktop then here are the very best hand selected pc parts and components for getting smooth video gaming experience with Ultra High Settings as well as 4K Resolution (Latest Games support 4K Resolution).

hardcore 4k gaming pc under 1 lakh

Now to obtain the very best ideal smooth video gaming experience at ultra high settings, you require the very best graphic card (GPU) along with great processor and motherboard.

So I have personally created a list of parts (after watching all those awesome reviews) to construct the impressive 4K Gaming PC under 1 Lakh (Rs.100,000) or $1600 and I have linked all the parts to the e-commerce giant Amazon to get them easily and then it will be assembling part, that you can do itself or pay any computer guy to do that for you for cheap.

  1. Graphics Card - MSI NVidia GTX 970 4GB

    Graphics Card - MSI NVidia GTX 970 4GBThere is no concern that the GTX 970 GPU (4GB) is the monster, you can quickly run any game at Ultra Settings efficiently like a butter, even it is respectable with 4K resolution so if you are searching for smooth gameplay then you must certainly get this one and I've chosen MSI as it is having greater GPU Clock Memory.

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  2. Motherboard - Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - LGA1151

    asus pro gaming motherboardThis motherboard includes quite brand-new functions like USB 3.1/ Ultra Speedy Transfer Technology/ Optimized for Gaming/ Overclocking capabilities + more and the vital thing that our GPU works on this one with no difficulty. Think exactly what? the coolest function about this MCU is the UEFI Boot Utility is among the very best boot energies I've ever seen so get this beauty in your cart.

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  3. CPU - Intel Core I7 - 6700K (4.0 Ghz)

    CPU - Intel Core I7 - 6700K (4.0 Ghz)This is the current 6th gen processor with 4.0 Ghz which is simply best for video gaming, it is power effective and offers much better efficiency. The Core i7 - 4970K could be a cheap alternative to this one however going with the 6th generation could make your gaming experience a lot more cooler.

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  4. Ram - 8 GB Corsair Vengeance (8 GB X 1)

    8 GB Corsair Vengeance8 GB RAM would be sufficient as it fits with your budget, but in case you can make a change in your budget then you can get 2 x 8GB RAM from Corsair for more lag free gaming experience.

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  5. PSU/ SMPS: Corsair RM 750W SMPS

    Corsair RM 750W SMPSNow you must be asking 750W is excessive, right? well I have actually checked out alot of testimonials and online forum questions and discovered that there is actually more power intake when you are playing video games at Ultra High Settings and 4K resolution so to obtain the reliable 100% supply to the Graphics Card and Motherboard in addition to HDD you need to get the 750W SMPS atleast.

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  6. HDD: WD 1 TB Hard Drive

    WD Western Digital 1 TB HDDWell I would always recommend you to go with an SSD as it can boost your computer to speeds 5times faster then normal HDD but then price comes in and we have to shift back to HDD. Well HDD is not bad either, you can with this 1 TB Monster from WD (Western Digital) else if you exceed your budget then plan for an SSD.

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  7. Circle Gaming Cabinet (Free 3 LED Fans)

    Circle Gaming CabinetNow you got all the parts for severe hardcore video gaming right, so as hardcore player your construct must look severe hardcore too so inspect this outstanding Circle Gaming Cabinet, Its among the killer looking cabinets today so go all out.

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So after including all these parts in your cart (I tried Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal and I found Amazon is the cheapest one) the price was around Rs.96,000 for checkout, if you purchase a branded gaming pc from any company for 1 lakh+ you will not get the such configuration like that monster Graphic Card and so on.

So I hope you people would have discovered this short article on building your own hardcore 4K gaming PC from scratch helpful, do comment your ideas about creation of your own dream gaming computer. Do like and share this post with your fellow gamer friends, hope they could be the one building their own killer gaming pc and enjoying a smooth gaming experience.