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07 April 2016

Get Instant Results for your Queries with WhatsApp BOT

WhatsApp BOT sounds like a hacking machine these days, as lot of people are facing online attacks using any of these unknown applications and scripts, well this is something you cannot ignore. I personally tested this up and its way cooler then it sounds. Yes now you can get instant results for queries you type in, like getting weather forecast, searching for some popular figure on Wikipedia and even translating any language.

DUTA a whatsapp bot for getting results automatically

What is DUTA (WhatsApp BOT)

DUTA is basically a service that provides you all the information at one place, its just like messaging your friend to get answers for anything.

Yes you can do pretty much everything using DUTA (The WhatsApp BOT) a simple system from the users end to search and get everything instantly but on the other end doing a lot of calculations and sending you results instantly.

The best part is that everything is free and instant, yes as you all know when you access internet using any browser it access many things it downloads images, scripts, HTML, CSS and what not but now your queries do not need to travel a lot to get to you, you can just send a small text and instantly you will get answers.

How to Activate DUTA (WhatsAPP BOT) in your Phone

Now you might be thinking how to activate this thing and how to get results from it, well its dam easy. Lets see below:

  1. First you need to Save +919043005179 in your Contacts as DUTA or whatever name you like.
  2. Now you need to add this Contact to any group you might be using on WhatsApp, in case not then you can create a New Group and name it whatever you want.
  3. So after you have added this contact your setup is done, yes its that simple and now its time to test this baby out.
  4. Just send a term Search<space>Anything, for example Search Barak Obama and then within 1 second you will get any instant reply from it.

Different Search Strings for WhatsApp Auto-Reply BOT

Yes you can search entire Wikipedia with this WhatsApp BOT and get results instantly on your phone. You can search for the weather forecast and get results wit emoticons describing the whole weather. FUN is not behind you can even play the Hangman game with your friends in WhatsApp Group.

So how you can search anything on WhatApp with this Auto-Replying BOT at work, well this is done using the search strings, so lets check below.

  • Getting Weather Forecast

    If you want to get weather forecast on WhatsApp, then you can send simple string like “weather<space>Chandigarh” and it will return you results.
  • Playing Hangman with Friends on WhatsApp

    If you know about Hangman then you know its a fun based game when played with friends, so its like you need to guess a name of the Country, Movie, Actors or whatever and you have few chances in which you have to guess alphabets that might make the full word. To play Hangman on WhatsApp you need to send “hangman” as a message in your group.
  • Checking Currency Rates with DUTA

    Yes you can even check the current currency rates of different countries, for this you can type “finance<space>INR to USD” or any other currency that you wish to see the rates for.
  • Getting Latest News Automatically on WhatsApp

    Another great feature from this BOT is that you can automatic news updates either in English or Hindi in short time intervals. You just need to subscribe to the Channel, you can do that by sending “+Samachar” for Hindi News Subscription and for English you can send “+News” now every 3 hours you will get news updates automatically delivered in your group.
  • Enjoying JOKES Automatically Delivered in WhatsApp

    Yes you can even subscribe to the JOKES channel by sending “+Jokes” this will deliver awesome jokes right in your WhatsApp Group automatically.

Well there are many more things you can do using DUTA WhatsApp BOT, you can get answers, translate sentences and even enjoy news. For more information you can visit their website and start exploring what all DUTA is offering.