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18 May 2016

How to Find Serial Keys for Software's using Google

If you have recently installed a new software but you did not pay for it then probably you might be having a patch or serial key to register that software with the company. As these days all the torrents provide you with a full package that contains everything. Setup of that software and its working patch or serial keys that helps you in registering that software and using it as a full version.

But in any case your crack did not work then we have a genuine solution to this problem. Now normally a Google search for serial keys will help you find one, but still you turn on the hacker mode and make google the only serial keys search engine.

So lets how we are going to use Google for finding license keys for windows software's that you want to install as full version.

Find Serial and License Keys for Windows Applications using Google

Below are the steps that you need to follow to make any software full version, so lets get started.

  1. Open Google.com
  2. Now type 94fbr <software-name> in your search and hit enter.
    find serial keys using gooogle
  3. Now you will see many results related to serial and license keys for that software.
  4. You can pick any blog or site that might be containing keys or tools to make that software full version.
  5. So using this you can easily find serial or license keys for any windows software.

I hope this works for you and that too well and you will have a working application. In case you find any issues using this do comment below.