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14 May 2016

Get High Quality PR9 Do-Follow Backlink from Facebook

Backlinks are very important and it makes a base for your site’s SEO. As you know Google's works on the principle of backlinks, the more site’s are linking to your site makes your site reputed in the vision of google. Its just like people referring to one shop to purchase stuff as it delivers the best stuff. So on the whole backlinks are important and there are different ways to get backlinks to your site.

high quality backlink from facebook

I have earlier posted on how you can get 1000+ backlinks to your site and another one was that 2500+ backlinks method. Well using these will surely help but you won’t be getting all the links but some of them. The best method still that works is to comment and do guest posting to get some awesome links.

You also need to remove bad backlinks to your site for increasing your domain authority. The more links you have pointing to your site will in return help you to drive more traffic and that will help you in boosting your Alexa Rank to a nice level.

Well so today we have another amazing trick to get PR9 Do-Follow backlink to your site from Facebook. Yes you can easily get a backlink to your site using Facebook and we are going to see how easy it is to setup this method, get a backlinks and increase your traffic.

Simple Trick to Get a High Quality PR9 Do-Follow Backlink from Facebook

The trick is pretty simple and requires no high tech skills, but you just need to follow the steps below to get a nice backlink from facebook.

  1. Sign-In to your facebook account.
  2. Now visit this link dashboard.statichtmlapp.com
  3. This application basically allows you to Add TABS to your Facebook Page, in which you can add any HTML Content.
  4. So click the button and give app permissions to access your facebook account and fetch all the pages.
  5. After that it will show you a list of pages you have, choose the one on which you will add the TAB.
  6. Then press Edit TABS on this Page.
    add new tab facebook
  7. Now press Add a New TAB and enter all the basic details, like the name of the TAB, name of the Image, choose Text Color and then choose the Add TAB Now button.
    add new tab html content adding section
  8. After that you will see HTML content adding section, here you need to add your HTML with a link to your SITE. You can write your or you can copy the below one and change it according to your SITE.

    <a href="http://www.hackinguniversity.in" target="_blank">HackingUniversity</a> is a tech inspired blog offering Tips, Tricks and Hacks to enhance your overall life experience.

  9. RED Text is the name of the blog and its URL and the BLUE text is the description of your blog.
  10. This is what I have added in that TAB to get a backlink and to even look natural. You can even add a widget or and describe that or you can be more creative and add a full HTML content to that PAGE for more appealing look.
  11. After everything is done, you need to Publish the page and then you can navigate to your page on facebook and see this new tab with your content and link.

Now you have added your site on facebook to get a high quality backlink from it. Now within few days Google will fetch this backlink and index it, this will help you to get more traffic from search engines as this will improve your SITE’s SEO. I hope this works for you and gives you access to more and more traffic.