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02 June 2016

Fastest Way to Stream and Download Torrents using IDM

People love downloading stuff using torrents, its free, its fast and could be used to get pretty much anything easily and instantly. You only need to have a nice torrent client installed and some good seeders willing to seed and make your downloading a breeze. Well we gave already posted many ways earlier that you can use to download torrents using any other download managers like Internet Download Manager, people use it for its fast downloading speeds and simple user interface, we have also posted IDM Free Giveaway where you can easily get free license key for Internet Download Manger.


Now as you know you can download torrents using any download managers but streaming those torrents something gives problem. Well uTorrent officially introduced streaming feature by which any movie torrents could be streamed and downloaded side by side.

I have also tried the ROX Player Software that helps you to stream your torrent files easily, so that you can watch those torrents without waiting for the downloads to finish. But it was not that fast. So now what’s the solution.

Streaming Movies via Torrents Easily and Instantly Online using Seedr.cc

Seedr.cc is the site that I came across and I was so much happy to see its user interface and how it works. With seedr.cc you can instantly grab any torrent and start streaming its contents and you can even download those files using IDM or any other download manager.

The best thing is the speed, as soon as you paste the torrent URL, either torrent link or magnet URL your torrent is cached online and then either you can download it or stream the contents like movies or songs whatever you want to see.

How to Easily Stream Torrent Movies Online Instantly with Seedr.cc for Free

streaming torrent movies online for free

You can see I have demonstrated above how easy it is to stream any torrent movies using seedr.cc online service. You just need a torrent link or magnet link and it fetches the torrent contents and streams movies instantly and for free.

Register @ Seedr.cc

  1. After you have successfully registered a free account on Seedr.cc you get 2GB free space to cache your torrents.
  2. This means that your torrents needs to be under 2GB to be cached and then you can stream or download them easily.
  3. Now you need the torrent link or magnet link, that's pretty easy access any good torrent website. (I personally use Kat.cr)
  4. Then on any torrent you will see a a magnet link or torrent download link, right click and grab the URL.
  5. Now navigate to your Seedr.cc account and then paste the URL above in the field. Check the above screenshot.
  6. After that press Enter and it will start caching your torrent.
  7. Then you will see your torrent being complied in a folder that contains every single file.
  8. Double click your folder and then press the video file, either its .mp4 or .mkv every single file is supported and it will start playing your file instantly in its own native player.
  9. You even get the Subtitle option, so subtitles in any language could be loaded and played automatically.

How to Extend your Free Space in Seedr.cc Online Free Service

Well they have an option to upgrade your account to get more online cloud space but in case you do not want to spend a dime on get more space then they have some another lucrative incentive based option that you can follow to get some more free space.

seedr.cc free space offer

You can refer people to register their free account on Seedr.cc this will award you and your friend with 500MB of free space. You can also tweet, blog post, make a youtube video and even PIN their Infographic to get some awesome free space.

Personally I like their service alot, they have some a nice responsive design, faster service and best in class incentive based option to award you more free space. I guess you will like their service alot for either downloading or streaming torrents online for free.