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21 September 2016

FIX Missing Personal Hotspot Option in Reliance JIO 4G

A lot of BUZZ is going on about Reliance JIO 4G and people are making a mess by jumping in to get a single SIM by which they can enjoy unlimited HD VoLTE calling and utilizing free Internet. I have earlier posted about Reliance 4G on how you can get a SIM for yourself or any of your family member. All the devices that support Reliance JIO 4g and even using Reliance JIO 4G on 3G phones.

reliance jio 4g personal hotspot missing

So I even tried to get my hands on it but I was not keen enough to invest Rs.3500 approx. to get those buggy LYF phones. So I waited till the time my iPhone SE gets full support for this and yesterday i got my hands on a single SIM but I had to pay Rs.300 extra as a bribe kind of thing to get a single SIM.

And today my Reliance JIO 4G got activated. But there was a problem I was not able to use the Personal Hotspot feature as the option was missing in my iPhone SE while using Reliance JIO 4G but on my Airtel number it was there, so I just made a search to find a solution ad got to know many people were facing this problem.

Luckily a solution was posted and it worked. So check below steps on getting that missing Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone or other iOS device while using Reliance JIO 4G.

How to use Personal Hotspot Feature on iPhone SE while using Reliance JIO 4G

The method is very simple and it will work for your instantly, you just need to add a simple line in your APN which is short for Access Point and you will get back your Personal Hotspot feature.

  1. After your Reliance JIO 4G SIM is activated, you need to insert it and navigate to Mobile networks.
  2. Activate mobile network and then under its options you need to select LTE option.
  3. It might show you some warnings that this network won’t work fine on your device and blah blah. Ignore THAT.
  4. Simply get one page back and you will see Mobile Data Network option click that.
    reliance jio 4g personal hotspot option missing iphone se
  5. Now enter “jionet” under every single APN option you see on that page, check above screenshot.
  6. That’s it now you need to wait 2-3 seconds and your LTE and signal’s will drop and recover again.
  7. Now you will have the Personal Hotspot option back which you can use to tether your Reliance JIO 4G internet on your computer, laptop or other mobile and smartphone.

It was a small hack but this can eventually help you to tether your internet connection and enjoy free unlimited 4G internet from Reliance on any of your device using Wi-Fi. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, do recommend this to your friends if they are facing the same issues, sharing bar is below, have fun, KUDOS !