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22 August 2017

20+ Inspiring and Interesting Facts about Google ❤

Google started as a Backrub company to solve the problem of searching online with ease. People have used Google with love as they have itself given a lot to the worldwide population. Its already popularized services like Google AdSense which is being used by bloggers and online freelancers for monetizing their sites, apps and other mobile based services.


Apart from AdSense their widely used service is Gmail, that helps us to communicate with people abroad and allows to share documents, files and anything else with ease. Well today we will be showing you or to be specific uncovering some unknown facts about google those are interesting yet inspiring.

Awesome Crazy Unknown Facts about Google that make’s it so Large & Inspiring

  1. Google’s Help for Suiciding Victims – In case you have made your mind to do Suicide (just kidding) well but yah google has a rescue provision for you, you just make a search for “I want to commit suicide” and they will show you a helpline number that you can use to seek some help in your country. Numbers are delivered according to the country you are living in.
    google suicide helpline numbers for each country
  2. 16% Totally New Searches Everyday – Yes as you all know Google is the biggest search engine and many people are just jumping in to make a new search. So all the searches done in a day on Google gets 16% of the totally new searches that are never done before.
    16% searches on google are new everyday
  3. New Employees are called “Noogler” – I know you have always dreamt to be a part of Google if you are in a line of blogging and are using their products, their products are seriously exceptional, all the hard they devote are part of new employees called “Noogler” yes its their creative minds suggesting awesome new things. The top end employees or one’s those have devoted their whole life to Google are called “Xoogler
    google's new emplyees are called NOOGLER
  4. Google’s First Tweet was made on 25th FEB 2009 – which was “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010” its a binary language which normally translated means “I’m Feeling Lucky
    google's first tweet on 29 fb 2009
  5. Google has covered 5 Miles of Street View – google has till now covered approx. 5 Miles of street view using their cars.
    google street view car
  6. First Doodle created by Larry Page & Sergey Brin – Google’s first doodle was itself created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It doesn’t look that cool but still first doodle is always a memory.
    google's first doodle created by larry page and sergey brin
  7. Google Hired Camel for Desert Street View – covering every single street requires different assets like cars, people itself but to cover deserts google hired camels fro covering every inch of the deserts.
    google used camels for desert street view
  8. Google started as “Backrub” – initially Google started as a Backrub, it was basically a technology based name they introduced after that it was changed to “Google”
    google initially started as backrub
  9. Employees Life after Death – Google is very serious about their employees apart from that awesome meals and luxurious provided to them while they are working, life after death for google employees is big too. Employees half salary is paid to his spouse and there children gets $1000/month till they turn 19.
    google employees spouse recieve half there salary after there death
  10. 56,446 Searches/Second – every second 56,446 searches are performed on Google from all over the world. Its a big number and considering the amount of new searches we have already said that above 16% are totally new.
    56446 searches are performed on google every second
  11. Gmail was launched on April Fool’s Day – Gmail a google product used by millions all across the world was considered to be a JOKE as it was launched on 1st April 2004. WOW that JOKE has changed the history of emailing.
    gmail was considered as an april fools joke
  12. Google’s First Server was made from LEGO – Initially every company needs funding to become an animal but if your vision is correct then you should not stop due to funding, this is hence proved by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 1996 they created their first server out of simple LEGO’s.
    google first server was made from lego
  13. 40% Traffic Downgraded when Google went Down – In 2013 Google faced few issues and went offline, well that movement made 40% online traffic drop.
    google server offline 40% online traffic drop
  14. Google’s Name was a Mis-spelled Mistake – The name originated when its founders mis-spelled it as GOOGOL which means a hundred's of ZERO’s after a digit.
    google is a mis-spelled version of googol
  15. Google Earth’s Database covers 20 Petabytes – as in the 5th point above we have already disclosed that Google has covered approx. 5Million Miles of road for its Street View that takes approx. space of about 20 Petabytes.
    google street view cover 20 petabytes of space
  16. Largest Translation Service for any Language – Google Translate is among the most popular service used by travelers and even bloggers for converting there language into a different one. Recent update allows you to translate any voice into any language.
    google translate service
  17. $20 Billion Advertising Revenue Annually – Google earns approx. $20 Billion revenue from its advertising source. In Indian rupees its becomes approx. Rs.1334259000000.00 (1 Lac 33 Thousand Crore)
    google's annual revenue reaches upto $20 billion
  18. Developing a Self Programming Computer – AI these days is being opted by everyone, like Mark Zuckerberg is developing an artificial intelligence based computer just like Jarvis you saw in Iron Man. Well even Google has claimed that they are developing a computer that will program itself.
    google's self programming computer
  19. Google is the Most Visited & 1 Rank Site in the World – There might be a misconception in your MIND that Facebook is the number one site that is considered in terms of people visiting it, yes once it achieved that mark but soon was taken back to 2nd position and now a days facebook is ranking on 3rd position as YouTube has taken its place.
    google ranks number 1 in alexa
  20. Gmail Storage was 1GB Initially – when in 2004 Gmail was launched they provided a storage of 1GB at that time when Hotmail only provided 2MB, they surely had a vision about how BIG this animal is going to be. Now obviously they have 15GB by default on which I was even rewarded with 4GB of extra storage making a total of 19GB for just completing the security checkup.
    gmail storage upgraded upto 19GB
  21. Garage Owner because YouTube CEO – Google was founded in a rented garage space that was rented to Larry Page and Sergey Brin by Susan Wojcicki, later she was appointed as CEO of YouTube and till now she retains that same position.
    Susan Wojcicki ceo of youtube
  22. Google Rents Goats – They are not just genius but warm hearted too, to cut there grass at there head quarters, they do not use lawn mowers but rent 200 goats so they all can east the grass and make the area clean. That even provides food to the goat owners.
    google renting goats to cut there hq grass
  23. I’m Feeling Lucky Button is nearly Never Used – Yes you guessed it right that small button adjoining to the right hand side of the main Google Search option is pretty much never used but in a survey people wanted it to remain right over there, every single year that single button costs Google $110 Million.
    I'm feeling lucky button is nearly never used in google
  24. Google Centered there Logo in 2001 – Before 2001 Google Logo was not centered, it even had an exclamation mark just like Yahoo, but in 2001 it was centered.
    google logo not centered until 2001

This ends another awesome educational post about the biggest influential company ever to exist on this planet. They have given us services that made our lives a lot easier, they have given us ways to earn money online with Google AdSense. I hope you all enjoyed this post, do share it with all your friends.