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04 November 2016

How to Subscribe to Non-Subscribing Feed in Digg Reader

Digg Reader is an amazing alternate to Google Reader and after its vanish from online field Digg Reader is the best option that people have opted and are using on daily basis. I am one of them and I like to use Digg Reader as it updates all the contents from different sites and helps me to check if something useful is posted and how I can use that content to update my readers.

digg reader non-subscribing feeds issue

Now there is a little problem I faced while subscribing to websites using Digg Reader. Many websites automatically shows the subscribing URL, so you can press the ADD option and feed will get subscribed easily. But many times while subscribing to websites, feed URL is not shown, so today we will discuss how to FIX this.

You can check out the below video tutorial for easier understanding, text solution is also mentioned below.

[FIX] Non-Subscribing Websites in Digg Reader, Easily Subscribe to Blogger & Wordpress

So if you are also facing the same issue while subscribing to some websites, then we have a nice little trick that will help in subscribing to Wordpress and Blogger sites.

  1. When you enter your domain URL, you will see some subscribing feeds, like below.
    digg reader subscribe option (2)
  2. As you can see I entered my Domain URL and it shows two ways I can subscribe to the site.
  3. But in case while searching for some URL you do not get any URL listed below, then follow below steps.
  4. The easiest way the trick works if you can judge the blog platform, if its on Wordpress or Blogger.
  5. If the blog is hosted on Wordpress then you can add /feed at the end of the URL.
  6. So your URL will look like http://www.hackinguniversity.in/feed so just enter this URL again.
  7. And you will get the subscribing feed option. Just press the ADD option and feed will be subscribed.
  8. Now in case of Blogger you need to add feeds/posts/default at the end of the URL or you can also add feeds/posts/default?alt=rss also to subscribe to its feed.
  9. So your URL will look something like http://www.hackinguniversity.in/feeds/posts/default
  10. Now enter this URL once again in the subscribing feed and press enter, within second you will get the feed subscribing URL.
  11. Press ADD option and you can easily subscribe to that Blogger Website, now everytime that site posts any article, you will instantly get an update about it.

So guys this was the easiest way to subscribe to websites and blogs on Digg Reader that are not showing the subscribing feed URL. Use this either on Wordpress or Blogger and you can easily subscribe them for future updates. Any queries do post them below.