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11 December 2016

Top 10 Countries in the World where Prostitution is Legal

Prostitution might sound like a disgraceful word, calling someone by this name can hurt their image in the society and nobody in this world would like to be part of this community but fate is the thing that have created these businesses of trafficking and child abuse. Nobody wants to jump into the prostitution line but few jump in for food and few are kicked into this intentionally by giving them incentive or by bluffing them, well we are going to count top 10 countries in the world where prostitution is legal and you won’t be facing any charges for flaunting your DING DONG to a girl.

countries where prostituetion is legal

10 Countries where Government Legalized Prostitution

  1. Netherlands – 90% of the sex workers working in Netherlands are women and rest 10% are a mix of male and transgender. Beware getting a DING DONG instead giving your DING DONG :)
    netherland prostituetion area
  2. Brazil – has the worst system, prostitution in Brazil is legal but if that person wants to quit this & want to make a shift that’s not possible, giving work to prostitute is not legal.
    brazil prostituetion leagal area
  3. Indonesia – has a tradition of have prostitution in entertainment venues, just like visiting PUB or so, you are going to have a very pleasing night ahead.
    indonesia prostituetion legal
  4. Colombia – The Pablo City (I hope you know about Pablo Escobar – The KING of COKE) well this is his place and you can already imagine the person who took the whole country by storm, what sort of people might be living in Colombia, it has the worst prostitution system and it is estimated that over 35,000 children are working as sex slaves.
    colombia prostituetion
  5. Greece – in Greece prostitution is considered to be an actual daily routine JOB, obviously timings are not 9 to 5 but little late.
    greece sex workers prostituetion legal
  6. Germany – apart from being prostitution legal since 1927 in this country there are few other benefits too for the girls and ladies, from which one is they receive pension.
    german brothel pic
  7. Dominican Republic – has a staggering 70,000 – 1,00,000 women working in the sex trade for their bread and butter. Government should be active in getting those numbers down.
    dominican republic lady dancing
  8. France – another legalized prostitution country where non-commercial age for sex is just 15, that means you can have a girlfriend of that age and have some FUN with her without any issues but only after her consent.
    france prostitutes protesting
  9. New Zealand – prostitution for kiwis nickname for people of New Zealand has been legal since 2003. Now you can work and enjoy both at the same time.
    kiwis prostitution legal lady smiling
  10. Thailand – ahhhhhh now you got a smile on your face, planning for your next trip, well remember prostitution is not entirely legal in Thailand but yes it still regulates on money basis. Estimated 3 Million sex workers are currently working in this industry.
    thailand prostitution legal girl dancing

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