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04 July 2017

How to Bypass or Remove Mi Cloud Verification on Mi Phones

These cloud based services launched firstly launched by Apple to protect owners devices from falling into wrong hands and even providing you with awesome cloud backup services is GOOD no doubt but sometimes it feels pain in ass and for Apple still there are no tools available to bypass or remove Apple’s iCloud Account verification. But as you know Mi has also launched the cloud services and if by luck you are stuck with the Mi cloud verification process, not matter what the case was then we have a nice tool that could easily bypass or remove the Mi cloud verification service and allow you to use that phone easily.

mi cloud account unlock bypass removing tool

Now if you still did not get what this little tool is going to do, well you might have seen a small message “this phone is associated with Mi account” so in that case either you can just login with the account credentials or you need to leave the phone as it won’t work. So if you have forgotten your Mi Account Password either you can reset it or this tool can bypass that message and allow you to use that phone easily.

Download Mi Cloud Account Unlock Tool for Free

First and foremost you need the tool, well I have uploaded the tool on the Mega.co.nz server, so you can grab the link from below and download the tool for free. Its a .rar file so you will need WinRAR to open the file, so make you download and install the WinRAR application on your windows computer.

Download Link

How to Use Mi Account Unlock Tool to Bypass Account Verification

Now comes the best part, after you have downloaded the tool, its time to know exactly how this tool is going to work and what all you require to get this working.

  1. Download the tool from above link.
  2. Now after you have downloaded, you will see the instructions in the application itself.
  3. So just put your phone in recovery mode. If you don’t know how to put your Mi phone in recovery mode then below video would help you in getting your any Mi phone into recovery mode.
  4. Then you need to connect your phone to your computer and open this application.
  5. Now click on the Bypass Mi Account or Disable Mi Account and it will do its magic.

So now your Mi phone’s cloud account verification would be bypassed, you can disable that too if you require, this is the best and fastest way to remove your phone in case you have forgotten its password. I hope you enjoyed this post, do comment below if you are stuck into some problem while using this tool, have fun and do share this post with all your friends: PEACE !