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21 November 2017

7 Amazing Hacks for your MAC Device that Justifies you as a GEEK

Mac is showing to be by far the very best and effective device on the marketplace today. There are numerous things that your Mac can do and you are not even familiar with them. Your Mac includes many terrific functions that it is truly not possible to understand them all. There is a great deal of things on your Mac that you may unknown. It can do a great deal of things varying from taking simple and easy screenshots to simple access to the dictionary in a jiffy. And you might not constantly understand which apps are much better to utilize, the best ways to examine your laptop computer's memory capability or the best ways to make Mac quickly.

macbook apple 7 awesome hacks

7 MAC Hacks that every GEEK should be Aware Off !

Below are all those 7 hacks that every geek needs to know about, apart from these hacks, if you have any that needs to included in this list or should have a different post created, do let me know in below comments.

#1. Utilizing Siri to Alter the Mac's Settings

using siri to change mac settings

The majority of the Mac users are uninformed of that you can utilize Siri to alter the settings of your Mac, that is if you do not feel odd talking with your computer system. This function conserves a great deal of time that was formerly being lost on browsing and going through the numerous System Preference menus.

#2. Rectify Mistakes made by Siri

siri mistakes in mac

If the Siri has actually misheard you and made errors, you can FIX it by clicking the word, making corrections and pressing return key. This technique likewise permits you to look for something without needing to state it aloud, in case you do not desire the individual beside overhear exactly what you are looking for.

#3. Conveniently take Screenshot’s in MAC

screenshot shortcuts for mac operating system

It’s really convenient to take screenshots on your MAC with you already assigned shortcuts.

  • Command + Shift + 4 - You can drag and drop just the needed part to record.
  • Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar - Captures whole screen up until after you left click anywhere on the screen, that's, when you need to do something in the middle.
  • Command + Shift + 3 - Captures whole screen instantly.

#4. Shortcut to access Calculator Instantly Anywhere

instant calculator in mac

When you remain in the middle of doing something and require some mathematics estimations to be done all at once, all you need to do is click Command + Spacebar and get your calculations done, after that Press ESC and go back to whatever you were doing previously.

#5. Instantly get Access to the Dictionary

instant dictionary in mac with 3 clicks on touchpad

Mac enables you to search for the significance of a word utilizing spotlight however did you understand you can discover the significance without going anywhere far from the screen you are presently at. Hover over the word you want to get meaning for, tap thrice on the touchpad. The meaning and significance as well as the Thesaurus will appear quickly.

#6. Shortcut to Delete Files & Clear the Trash BIN

immediately deleting the files in mac

Erasing files on your Mac can normally take a while, however you can do it rapidly by clicking the file you wish to erase, then striking on the Command + Delete shortcut. This will take the file to the garbage. In case you wish to clean up the garbage, click Command + Shift + Delete. A pop-up window will ask you to verify your choice, authorize your choice and Voila! The garbage will be gone.

#7. Simple Hack to Access EMOJI Keyboard

emoji keyboard in mac

Struck on the Command + Control + Spacebar to access the Emoji keyboard on your normal keyboard. This works finest when you are sending texts and e-mails.

So guys these were few hacks and tricks for your MAC that enables you to access those emoji keyboard, access dictionary instantly and even do all those calculations in the middle of something, well if you guys have some hacks that you need to share with me then you can share those in the comments section.