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25 December 2017

Avira Phantom VPN PRO with 1 Year Genuine Serial Key Free Download

UPDATE - There is new offer currently running that provides you with all the premium products listed under Prime from Avira free for 3 months, you can grab that offer. This is an old post written way back, so there is a chance this might have stopped working. Offer Page

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a necessity these days and its really important to have it enabled in case you are surfing some really confidential sites + if some sites are banned in your country then also it could be used to change your IP address and access that site. Well in past we have posted many VPN software’s for free with genuine license and serial keys like SecurityKISS Tunnel, Hotspot Shield VPN, F-Secure Freedome VPN and many more and we have even posted an awesome service that allows you to change your IP address easily, you can check that too, and today yet again we have another awesome VPN service. Avira Phantom VPN PRO that too with 1 year of genuine license.

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Usually in trial license of Avira Phantom VPN PRO, the amount of bandwidth you get is 500MB but this PROMO provides you with unlimited bandwidth and that too for 1 year straight. You can use this on Windows, iOS, Android and MAC. Yes one license covers all of your devices.

Amazing Features of Avira Phantom VPN PRO

  • Being Anonymous on WEB – VPN’s main point is to cover your identity and with Avira Phantom VPN PRO its no different.
  • Changing IP Address – Many sites get blocked not due to their content but due to country restrictions, well in that case using VPN is your only solution to see content of that site. If the site is banned in India, then using VPN you can easily shift the USA IP address and access the content.
  • Secure Communication – making some payments or accessing some encrypted site its best to use a VPN as by that way your identity is not disclosed and you can easily make transaction.
  • Fast VPN – not only VPN’s provide fast speed, yes if you use VPN then speed is the issue, because you get connected to different servers. One way to get faster speeds is to access the closer server but being closer means being a victim, so far servers on low class VPN’s can easily downgrade your speeds but if the VPN is from renowned brand then you need not to worry.
  • Silent Background Running – you are not distracted by the VPN running and showing you POPUP’s about the country’s you are connected and what bandwidth is remaining, after you install and use it you can just browse and let Avira Phantom sit in the background and do all the hard work for you.
  • No Monitoring – you are not monitored about which sites you visit or what content are you watching. Yes its totally anonymous and keeps you anonymous on the web too.
  • Connect More Devices Simultaneously – so you have a windows computer and family members are using different mobile devices, well let them connect too, there is no restriction on how many devices can connect simultaneously.
  • Free Premium Support – in case you face any issue, then their premium free support is just for you, let them handle your problems and get them sorted out.
  • Servers in 36 Locations – yes you heard it right there servers are scattered in 36 different locations, so you can access any server or let do the work on its own, you just sit, have popcorn and relax.

How to Download Avira Phantom VPN PRO Free for 1 Year

Now if you have checked all the points above and you are interested in getting this amazing software then you can follow all the steps listed below to get your hands on this free 1 year free trial.

  1. Visit their PROMO PAGE and enter your email address. (Remember – if you have earlier used your email, then make sure to create a new email or use any temporary email address, as old emails are only getting 1 month trial but new email get full 1 year free access)avira phantom pro vpn free for 1 year license promo page
  2. After you have entered your email address, make sure to verify you are human, by checking the small BOX that says (I’m not a robot) and then press the BIG GREEN BUTTON.
  3. After you have clicked the button a page will open asking you to create a free account, well make one.
  4. Now you will receive 1 year license key for your software from them within few minutes, just download the software from the link given in the email and enter that license key to activate your free 1 year trial.

Now when this offer is going to end is unknown, as written on their site its just for today, so make sure to get your key right away, else you might loose your chance. Have fun and do share this article with all your friends, so that they can also get this free VPN Software.