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21 December 2017

Marvelous Tips for Cracking & Getting on Top in Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are written for all kind of purposes: jobs, interviews, admissions into college etc. In India, entrance examinations are mainly conducted for medicine, engineering and management. Entrance examinations can be of different levels: national level entrance exam like JEE Main entrance, state level entrance exam like KSET, university level entrance exam like UPTU and college level entrance exam like SRMJEE. The tough competition has led to a lot of students preparing for the entrance exams from school with coaching for entrance which is expensive, time-consuming and a long haul.

tips for cracking entrance exams

In India, University of Calcutta was one of the first to establish entrance exams to check the eligibility for admissions which accepted only one out of four candidates who applied. Entrance examinations are of two types; Competitive exams which are ranked, and colleges are given according to this rank. This is similar to waiting list, Objective exams are with multiple choice questions. Some of the toughest
entrance exams are IIT-JEE, UPSC, CCIE etc. Entrance exams can be a hard time for students.

Few Tips for Cracking Entrance Exams

Below are some useful tips that will help you out in cracking your entrance exams.

  • Create a study schedule.
  • Be prepared for the exam (Other than the studying).
  • Use fewer books to study.
  • Have an exam strategy.
  • Solve previous question paper.
  • Maintain physical and mental health.
  • Practice and Revise.

A study schedule will help in making sure that candidates gets studying done each day. Most students spend most of their time in planning and scheduling. Picking a schedule that will be possible to keep with every day is necessary. Students are recommended to set their study schedule at the time of their exam. For instance, if the exam is at 9-12, studying at this time will help in keeping your mind active during those hours of the day.

Entrance exams require a lot of preparation. For instance, for NEET 2018 exam, make sure you have submitted your NEET 2018 application form and paid the exam fees. Print out multiple copies of your hall ticket. Make sure you have appropriate stationary like few exams only accept black point pens. Make sure you have a calculator if it required. Also, check if your calculator is allowed as only certain type of calculators are allowed in exams.

For the preparation of entrance exams, refer to two highly recommended books. There are many books for entrance exams in the market, so it can be overwhelming when selecting books. The best books are usually pretty popular with students and teachers so asking around will narrow down the options to two or three books. Depending on your strengths and weakness, use the book that meets your needs.

An exam strategy is very important. Solve the questions, sections or topics that are your strengths first and then spend time on the rest which will take more time. Also make sure to read your questions thoroughly, a few questions are set to confuse the students. To familiarize with the possible questions, solving previous question papers is highly recommended as there are questions that do repeat every year unless there is a change in syllabus.

One of the biggest advice, during exams, or in life, is to maintain your physical and mental health. As the exam date are nearing, most students do not sleep and eat well which can take a toll on their health. If you are sleep deprived or not well fed, it can tire you out soon which will affect your performance in the entrance exam.

Practice makes man perfect. The biggest tip is to practice your syllabus and revise. The best way to perform good in an exam is to just study. 70% of any exam is in preparation. Practice the syllabus. Revise the topics you already know. After studying topics that are a little hard for you revise them a few number of times. Once you are all prepared just do your best. All the best!

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