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31 May 2017

Activate your Windows 7 using Windows Loader Tool for Free

So you have installed Windows 7 on your system and just got to know that it's not activated but the place from where you downloaded it showed it's a pre activated version and now you won't be able to change wallpapers change screensavers do a lot of personalization settings and a lot more without activation well we got you covered so in my earlier post I posted about Windows 7 ISO direct link two versions 64bit 32bit so people have downloaded it and possibly some of them activated Windows, those who were aware about the activation but many of them emailed me that Windows cannot be activated so here I am to fix your problem we have a nice application called Windows loader 2.0.6 by Daz, I'm not sure if they have the latest version or not because I just got this one and I uploaded it so it will help you out in activating your Windows.

Windows Loader 2.0.6 by daz for activating windows 7

Windows Loader 2.0.6 by Daz Activates your Windows 7 to Full Version

So let me give you brief introduction about this application Windows loader 2.0.6 by Daz is a small and very easy to use application it activates your Windows 7 Ultimate, Home or any other Edition whatever you have installed, if you want to download the Ultimate edition for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, then the link is right over here download ISO 64 bit or 32 bit version depending on what you require, so after you have downloaded it and you have just installed it into your system, now you need to activate your Windows that's the first step you know before you personalize according to your taste, so to activate you need Windows activator.

Windows loader 2.0.6 by Daz form activating my Windows 7 I have activated few of my PC and laptops so it worked I have recommended this to my friends and even activated their Windows, the best part your Windows update is going to work, there is no problem.

Download Windows Loader 2.0.6 by Daz for Activating your Windows 7

Windows Loader as I have told could be downloaded for free using the below link, just click on the link below and download the tool for free using the Mega site.Download Link

How to use Windows Loader 2.0.6 by Daz to Activate Windows 7

Using Windows Loader is quiet simple and anyone with basic skills can use this toll to activate Windows 7 with ease. After you use this toll you can even re-brand your system to other computer name and do a lot more good stuff. So check below steps on how to use this tool with ease.

  1. First as I have said you need to download the tool, you can do that by using the above link.
  2. After you have downloaded the tool, you need to make sure that your antivirus real time protection is turned off, as it can detect this tool as virus.
  3. After that you just need to Right Click and click on “Run as administrator” as it requires special permission.
  4. Then for the start and basic activation you just need to click on the “Install” option.
  5. For more advanced activation you can fiddle with Advanced Option tab.

So guys this way you can activate your Windows 7 for free without any issues, the best part as mentioned above is, that you can even update your Windows 7 also. So all the latest updates could be downloaded unless Microsoft stops support for Windows 7 from their end, which can happen anytime no one knows.