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22 August 2012

Over 15 Ways to Send Free SMS in India and Worldwide

SMS (Short message service) is something that’s very popular among the world engaged in sending and receiving greetings and alerts right through this awesome service. Messages are transferred within seconds to any country on nominal rates, well still people find some online resources that can offer them free of cost service so that they can always be in touch with their love ones.

free sms

Well we have found more than 20 ways or online websites that allow you to send free sms in India and Worldwide. So just have a look at below list and enjoy sending some greetings to your friends.

  1. FooSMS : has been top on the list of free sms services, as the name comes in "Foo" means blowing air from mouth and your message is delivered at that speed. Pretty good no sign up needed and works like a charm in India.
  2. FullOnSMS : Free cost messages, you can create unlimited groups and message all of them in one go, super fast delivery.
  3. YouMint : provides free messaging service with upto Rs.2500 free coupons as soon as you join their website which you can use to redeem gifts and much more.
  4. Way2SMS : is another popular messaging service with plenty of features, group messaging, email alerts, mobile recharging and much more. Also download Way2SMS Client for easy desktop message publishing.
  5. 160by2 : name recognized by every Indian individual, works on the same platform as way2sms but much more faster than it.
  6. FreeSMSMantra : Another Indian based messaging website requires you to sign up to use their service.
  7. FreeSMS8 : offers single fast sms, group sms service, message scheduling option, gaming, movies and much more right on your phone.
  8. SMS440 : provides support fro sending messages upto 440 characters. So now forget 160 limit and jump in for some more action.
  9. SendFreeSMS : Now send your message to the people sitting anywhere in the world. Just add the country code along with the number and type your message, it allows you to type 140 character message.
  10. FreeSMSix : with freesmsix you can send your message to 40 countries without any need of registration. Just choose your country from the drop down menu and type your message that’s it.
  11. SeaSMS : also provides you with free sms and mms service, you can upload images and send free to your friends all over the world. Just select your country from the map and start sending messages.
  12. FreeSMSTous : is somewhat same like SendFreeSMS service you just have to type in your number and your message. You can type upto 150 characters.
  13. SMSFree4All : also provides free messaging to many worldwide nations, just choose the country you wanna send message too and start sending your message you also need to clear the captcha.
  14. CBFSMS : allows you to send free sms only to the UK numbers. So just type your UK number and your message and that’s it your message will be delivered.
  15. SendSMSNow : also provides international messaging service, just select your country from the drop down menu and type your 13 character message for free delivery.

So these were few of the best websites that I have come across for sending your messages on the premium line, if you have any other good website do share using the below comment form, till then have fun :)