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29 August 2012

10 Online YouTube Resources for Refined Video Experience

youtube logoYouTube provides an easy innovative way to view and share your video memories with people all over the world. You can view any video and than comment on it, like it and download that video using some unofficial means. Overall said everything is good and refined but to give it some more twist we have found some great online resources that mix up their services with YouTube hence manipulating overall experience you engage on it.

  1. YouTube Replay :: simply make a simple repeating action for your video, so you just need to enter the video URL and start watching your video, when you video will be finished it will be automatically started again.
  2. DragonTape :: gives you the Dj remixing possibility using your various YouTube video clips, just drag some of your clips into its timeline and start mixing and sharing your creation.
  3. YouTube Doubler :: hey do you want to compare two specific video, maybe their some difference r something in those video which you wanna evaluate well youtube doubler simply provides an easy way to display your video in two different viewpoint.
  4. SynchTube :: enables you create your private room with your friends online so that you can chat with them while your video plays so its pretty useful and really good social service.
  5. InfiniTube :: allows you to enter your keywords to get infinite number of playlists, pretty useful for a Dj remixer searching some crazy tracks.
  6. TubeChop :: as the name suggests pretty simply way to chop out your video and share the chopped stuff with your friends. So now if you wanna share just the kiss scene from any video just chop it out and share with your life partner.
  7. MixTube :: is another online playlist create which displays popular artist playlists and you can simply start listening to their songs easily. Just click on the play button enjoy their wonderful songs.
  8. YouFlow :: also provides keywords searching and displaying your videos in a cover flow style, design which can be scrolled.
  9. QuieTube :: removes all the nasty comments and other noisy, distracting section you usually face on YouTube, just enter your video URL and you can watch your video totally in a clean and quiet environment.
  10. YouTube TestTube :: provides beta features which you can start testing out, developed by official YouTube Team.