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10 August 2014

12 Secure Tips to Maintain a Safe Virus Free Computer

If you enjoy using your computer than you have to be aware about some modern tactics for getting your pc down and injecting some viruses and malwares and making its actions stubborn. Well there are always some ways you should adopt to make your pc virus free and enjoy and safe browsing and gaming environment. Well below are the 12 tips that you should follow to maintain your pc from viruses.

computer virus

  1. Spam Emails : emails are the most common means of communications between any big firm or any small business. Quotations, agreements and other business letters are usually delivered using emails, but this side by side gives birth to spam emails, fraud winning tickets and much more that contains viruses and malwares that usually get injected into your pc and makes annoying problems, so make sure to check email only from your inbox and not from the spam junk.
  2. USB Pen Drives : the second major way of virus spreading is the USB thumb drives, that take viruses from one computer and spread them in another one. So make sure to have a good scan before you open that drive in your pc.
  3. MS Outlook Email Client : it has been reported that MS-Outlook is much more susceptible to worms, so make to have a good antivirus program installed or the best option is too use Thunderbird or online Gmail accounts.
  4. Online Pop-Ups : while browsing internet you might come to a low quality website using some mysterious popups saying you have won 1 million dollars click to claim the cash, well those are just fake popups and should not be clicked as they might have something suspicious and can be spread in your computer. You can install a good pop-up blocking software to stay safe.
  5. Malicious Websites : google is the biggest search engine so it indexes every website and tries to remove some malicious websites automatically but still some website get bypassed and can be harmful when visited well the simple solution is too install a good link scanner you can go for the AVG Link Scanner free tool and install it now.
  6. Good Antivirus Software : obviously who can leave or forget this point, a good antivirus program is the soul of your pc, make sure you buy a good one I would surely recommend going with Bitdefender or Kaspersky but still you do not want to invest in any paid program that you can go for AVG Free Edition.
  7. Good Anti-Spyware Program : also install a good anti-spyware program to stay safe from spywares and malwares.
  8. Email Attachments : maybe the email is trusted and gets delivered to your inbox but still its attachments can be harmful for your pc and should not be opened if any antivirus program warns you out it can be seriously harmful.
  9. Using External Drives : same rule applied for this one as for the USB thumb drive, so make sure to give it a wonderful scan before you get your hands on it.
  10. Upgrade Windows Periodically : windows always asks you to update, but many people ignore that update but you should seriously go for that update as that update can fix up some patches and security loop holes.
  11. Downloading Files : this is normal and regular task every individual carries out, so make sure to give a virus scan before you run that file.
  12. Visiting Illegal Websites : do not visit any website that’s providing serials, cracks and patches in bulk they can be too harmful.