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08 August 2014

How to Find Lost Mobile Online using IMEI Number

IMEI Number stands for (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) contains very vital information about the device you are using. Well using that we can track a lot of things, manufacture, device location and much more. As I have posted earlier about the ANT Tool that could be used to unlock your Nokia device password pretty easily. You can also use this number to check if your iPhone is locked or unlocked, well its really a useful number and could be used in many good ways.

find lost mobile

Well today I will be showing you an easy way to track your device by yourself in case its lost. Well this process requires you to have your IMEI number for your device to be noted down before your device gets stolen or gets lost.

Recovering Lost or Stolen Mobile using IMEI Number

So now we will be using an online email based service led by VSNL.NET, well check below steps how actually this process works and what you need to do.
  1. Make sure you have noted down your 15 digit IMEI Number, well in normal devices you can check your IMEI number *#06# but in case its lost you can check the box it came in, even it comes with a printed strip.
  2. Now open your email any Gmail or Yahoo no matter, we just need to send an email to an address with all the vital information for it to track our device.
  3. Compose an email like below format:


    Last used no:
    Phone model:
    Missing Date:
    IMEI No:

  4. Now just add all the information as asked, make sure the dates of loosing your mobile should be little bit closer.
  5. Now just send this email to cop@vsnl.net and wait for sometime to make them check, scan and analyze till they further provide you with the report.

So now if your phone is being used, they will start tracking and tracing the route of you phone and soon you will get the report, where exactly your phone is being operated, so hope you likes this tutorial, do share this with all your friends.