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20 January 2013

5 Useful and Productive Windows 7 Tricks You Must Know

You know I am just impressed a lot with Windows 7, its working its user interface is just impressive and well off course there are many tweaks to take its functionality to another level but I would like to state 5 useful and productive tricks that will surely give an ease in using its services. So I hope you will like below mentioned 5 tricks to tweak out your work.

  1. Saving Images Quickly – well if you frequently save images from the web like from Google images or maybe flikr or Facebook than this easy trick can make that process little bit faster. So visit any image on the web and when you wanna save it just drag that image to the right bottom side of the screen which leads you to the desktop. And now you will see your desktop just release your mouse and your image would be saved.
  2. Add More Options to Context Menu – so if you normally use right click menu a lot than Filemenu Tools can add much more options to that menu for easier processing. So you even have the possibility to customize the sub menu called Send To menu.
  3. Run Any Program with Direct Administrative Privileges – well you might have seen that Run as administrator option in your right click menu well that is used if you want to give that service or tool administrative privileges to write anything on its own, so obviously that not recommended to give to every but still if you need to access anything with that option than instead of right clicking choosing that option you can hold Ctrl + Shift and than double click on that file, this will open it with administrative privileges.
  4. search-tips-windows-7Search Tips for Windows 7 Explorer Bar – well when searching in Windows 7 Explorer bar you can more precise with what you exactly want, with these easy tips.
    1. Just type size: and you will see options like tiny, small, medium with their respective file size, so these are the sizes of the files which will be searched.
    2. Now another thing is to search by particular extension well just add *.exe or *.doc for searching files with these extensions, so in combination you can see in the image how I am searching.
    3. Lastly you can search with type:image or type:doc so you can add extension with type in front of it for more easier search.
  5. Drag & Drop files from Jumplist into Gmail as Attachment – so now if you normally attach so many files in Gmail attachment but normally these files are same just add them to the Jumplist into your taskbar and then right click on it to reveal it and then drag it into Gmail to upload them as an attachment.

So these were five simple but very useful trick for Windows 7 Operating system that will surely give you some help in your regular day tasks. So if you find these useful do share them with your friends. And if you have any other trick do post below as comment :)