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19 January 2013

Predator : How to Lock your Computer with a USB Flash Drive

1key1pcNow you can temporarily lock your pc whenever you go anywhere, your windows session will remain active and you can anytime turn it back on. Predator s tiny application brings this locking possibility to your USB Flash Drive, well this little software configure some files in your flash drive and then when this utility is running you just attach your flash drive and your computer gets unlocked when you remove your flash drive the computer again get locked, so simple isn't it.

So now as soon as the USB is removed from your pc your pc's keyboard and mice gets disabled and screen automatically darkens up, so person thinks its off, but processes are running in the background and you can anytime attach the USB back to get it opened.



So for additional security Predator even disables many components of your computer like its disables the Task Manager so no one can press Ctrl + Alt + Del to activate the task manager again, and CD autorun is even disabled so no one can bypass this security with bypassing software's. So now you can even set a password if you do not have that USB drive with you than you enter your personal password and regain access to this computer.

Now if anyone tries to enter the invalid password , it will activate the alarm so if you are nearby and you have speakers attached to it you will hear the alarm easily. So now predator in free and paid versions, you can download the free version and start your security right away.