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02 October 2012

How to Install Windows XP Fast in approx. 5-12 Minutes

This is an older post and has been edited for some corrections and other replaced blurry graphics, well now who in this stage will install Windows XP else than Windows 7 as windows 7 comes up with all the major things you might get in XP but still if you are the one who love the older version and want to install Windows XP than this guide will teach you how you can install it fast in just 5-12minutes.

Now the process is simple but needs some guidance which you can get below, just follow it exactly and you will have your Windows XP installed without any delay.

  1. Now when ever you start out installing Windows XP you are greeted with a 256 color bit interface with some loading and other tweaking part.
  2. When you complete out that 256 color bit part you will be greeted with setting up graphical interface like below now at this time just press Shift + F10windows-xp-setup
  3. Now after your press Shift + F10 at this stage your will see command prompt popping up, now just type taskmgr to open up the task manager.
  4. task-managerNow in the task manager shift to Processes tab and your will see setup.exe right there like in the image on the right.
  5. Just right click on the setup.exe and select the priority to "Real Time"
  6. That’s it everything thing is done now just see how your Windows XP gets installed within 5-12 minutes approx.

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