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03 October 2012

7 Highly Effective and Useful Habits for Facebook World

If you love Facebook than you have to come into its ruling radius to becoming a cool governing member for its services. Well there are always many rules and restrictions you have to come across using anything online or offline, but still we get many things that if we follow we might get more productive into that line, so with this I have gathered 7 highly effective and useful habits for Facebook that if you use your online identity will get more favorable and attractive.


  1. Get between 100-300 friends :: facebook does not mean to spam people with your requests and stuff up your friends database with unknown identities from all over the world. A research gave results that a normal human being can keep good relation with almost 150 people and for maximum it can go upto 300, and more than than will surely drop your interaction with rest of them.
  2. Friend Attractive Ones :: while sending requests to people make sure that they are good looking, research have also suggested that people looking ugly can drop down your interaction with them.
  3. Understand 7 Motivations :: if you want to lure more people on facebook than you surely need to understand its 7 motivational rules.
    1. Connecting with Old and Distant Friends.
    2. Social Surveillance (checking what old friends are upto).
    3. Looking fro new offline met people.
    4. Virtually Watching People.
    5. Updating Status Regularly.
    6. Posting some new knowledgably content.
    7. Sharing possibly everything with new and old pals.
  4. Don’t let your Partners use Facebook :: well this might seem to be an impossible task, but this thing seriously needs to be stopped, because many times you discover many unnatural things about your partner that what they are doing where they are going and almost everything.
  5. Guarding your Privacy :: your profile might contain some sensitive information which you might wanna guard. When you create a new profile you fill your database with everything you know and you are, and this things can be used by hackers and others to hole up your accounts and get them wounded, so its better to buckle up your security.
  6. Display your Real-Self :: if you faking out your friends and family members than this place is not meant for you, facebook is just to be social with them giving taking love from everyone. If you are fake than there is nothing you do to stop becoming an ass hole.
  7. Using Facebook for getting a Job :: many job searching people should polish their facebook profiles with their experience and knowledge stuff, because many company's now-days are hiring people just using their facebook profiles. So if you are the one searching for some jobs or something than make sure your online identities are kept good.