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20 July 2012

Top 10 Most Hated Peoples and their Actions on Facebook

Facebook as considered as the best social networking website comes with some addicted tools that might make any person a disturbing clumsy class addict. Well it simply means he loves to ruin other peoples experience on facebook and hence we have a list of top 10 peoples who are sincerely hated on Facebook for their actions.

  1. Peoples with a Middle Name : Keeping a cool - attractive name else than your original one is already popular on facebook. People love to go for a funky name reflecting their original nature, like if we take example of our beautiful India than most common ones are like "Desi Jatt" or "Desi Romeo" and many more but still many of them come with another addition to their name that’s their middle name, well those people are mostly hated on facebook who have a middle name in their original ones.
  2. People Writing on your Wall for Events : Some people are really mad they just come to you profile and start typing anything like writing some lines for the event you and he and to join together like "Hey Rishabh I am planning for a trip please don’t tell any of your friends that we are going" and hence people will notice and then start commenting on that status update. So that’s feel embarrassing so I particularly hate those people’s on facebook.
  3. Constant Status Updater : People using facebook as a Twitter feels sick as they want keep rolling some sick status updates one after another. Anything sad and good happens to them and they come across something freaky everything is covered by them like a news reporter, well those are also hated on facebook.
  4. People Selling Stuff & Deals : Many people try to use facebook as an e-commerce website, they try to create a page on facebook and start adding some stuff on them and forcibly try to like it and purchase it for their own commission good. So that way of doing things done is also used by sick peoples and I don’t like it.
  5. Facebook Couple’s Love : Well making love on facebook presenting your date with some good status updates and adding pictures of flowers and chocolates, asking her for a date and mentioning people in the updates means what going on if you have an affection than come on do it personally man why are you making everything freaky open in the public space.
  6. People Giving away Facebook Gifts : Means what’s going on here, people are transacting fake gifts which are just some fake images or glittered texts or you know coupons for something you can get discount on but boom first you have to pay for the whole price, hence these are just some crappy way of distracting a person and hence these people are seriously hated on facebook.
  7. People Posting Out Little Pictures : Adding profile pictures, timeline pics and other random ones is obviously the best way to get some attention from your friends but wait what people are doing they are just adding pics those too small than making them full-screen we are not able to figure what's in that one and they seriously ask for some likes and comments on something we are not able to see.
  8. Girls and Guys Showing Fingers in the Pics : This is the normal one and people try to come up with different styles or twisting their fingers and showing funkiness in the images clicked, well this really freaks me out that they do not have anything else to do.
  9. Friends Logging your Account & Changing your Info : Oh! I know you will say this one is ugly means what they really mean to do they change our gender and change our relationship status to divorced and hence all those bulky actions are carried out and I swear I am surely going to kick his ass who so ever comes with this thing.
  10. Your Dad on Facebook : Hmm so now just stop liking any girls images whose notification might be delivered to your dad, well you know what happens after that. He is just meant to stop you from making any fun :)

So here goes the list of 10 peoples and their actions those are strictly not liked by normal users, so make sure if you face any of those guys just ask them to change their natures dude else show them this post muhahahh ! have fun :)