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21 July 2012

How to Re-Enable Disabled Services After Virus Attacks

Virus, Malwares, Trojans are the common name of the deadliest geeky creatures developed to destroy the whole PC, well obviously I don’t know what the motive behind developing such creatures but still we have to be ready for all the consequences and hence the main thing which comes in front of us after any kind of attack like this is services get disabled and than control start getting out of hold.

So now obviously there are some ways you can make all these services run again but that includes some more techy knowledge but if you are just a simple surfer and music lover and want a simple solution for this stuff than comes the role of Re-Enable tool developed by Tangosoft which has a simple motive to re enable the disabled services in windows.

re-enable tool windows

So the main services include the Registry Editor, Task Manager, System Restoring option and many more as displayed in the above image. Well this little is provided for free and you can download it by visiting there website. Well you can also have a look at the below demo video for Re-Enable Tool in action.