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10 November 2012

How to Connect Two Wireless Routers Together Easily

Connecting two routers together might arise a question in your mind that why you wanna do this thing, means why is it necessary to connect two routers together, well the answer is too get more Wi-Fi area or maybe getting more computers in the workspace. So now getting more computers in a work space can be useful for increase your work productivity as from now on you can work from any where right in that modified area or you can even share your internet connection with your neighbor and divide the whole monthly tariff.

Now question comes than how you are going to do this, well if your have a both Wireless routers than you can easily bounce the signals and share the internet or if you have Non-Wireless routers than you can connect them through LAN cables and start your internet sharing. Well again if one router is Wireless and other is Non-Wireless than also this process can be completed easily.


Now you do not need identical routers to connect them together, so both the routers can be of different brand and model. You just need basic LAN Cable and two routers to do this process. So jump into steps mentioned below and you will be able to get your two routers connected and working together.

  1. So we assume that your primary router is Router A and the another one is Router B, just connect your Router A to your PC using LAN or Wi-FI and check if internet is working.
  2. Now make sure your Home Network is configured, if you do not know how to do that you can take help of any professional.
  3. Now Hook up your Router B and connect the the Router A to Router B using the simple LAN Cable you use to connect to your computer.
  4. Now your both routers will be connected together and you can check out if your Router B is working or not by just connecting your computer through Router B LAN Cable.
  5. Now your bother routers are connected together you can connect upto 8 computers all together as one router has 4 ports maybe yours is less or more that depends on the router.