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05 November 2012

Best Adsense Placements for Optimizing your Adsense Income

If you think AdSense is the best monetization program for your blog or your website than you are wrong, you are the one who makes any possible monetization program the best by defining your own personally preferred ads placements according to your blog and optimizing the whole design. Well yes obviously AdSense tops all other money making programs so we will take example of AdSense and in this session we will try to optimize our AdSense earnings by choosing some best placements recommended by professional bloggers.

#1. Placing ads in header section ::


This can be the first and best placement to get more attention from your visitors and gain some nice clicks on your advertisements. Now you might have seen my website having adsense ads placed on the right hand side of my websites logo, so you be creative and create some design according to your skills. But I think placing ads in this section will surely give you increase in your overall income.

adsense-sidebar-placement#2. Placing ads on top in sidebar ::

Sidebar the widgets holder can be your second most prone area for the ads to appear, you can get your ads below the facebook like or even right on top your search, I have personally chosen below the facebook like box as I think it will be good to get more fans than some more clicks as this will help me in future.

So its simply your wish, you can even create some jquery widget and float the widget when your website gets scrolled but make sure that not violating any Adsense rules as anyone can report to google about AdSense violation.

#3. Placing ads directly with content ::

This is the most preferred placement by every blogger who owns a blog and grows with a dream to earn some money with it, well you can just place an advertisement on the left or right hand side of your content basically just below the post title. Well this is the best place to get more clicks and attention from your visitors but still its not a good placement according to the adsense rules.

As the adsense rules states that your content should be more useful for your visitors and they should not get irritated by those ads. So do not use advertisements at the places where your content might get hidden due to advertisements, else you highlight the adsense ad with some text specially written to identify that ad.

#4. Placing ads in post footer ::


So this is what I am using on my personal website, for demo you can just scroll to my post footer and check out the advertisement something like in the above image. Well this place might not be the best place for advertisement but still its entirely approved by the adsense laws and even my earnings are more due to this ads placement.

#5. Placing ads in between the post content ::

Well you might have any simple option to embed ads in between post content but I think wordpress has this compatibility. Well this might get you some high CTR but overall it might make your audience disappointed with some content viewing issues if you have not managed it professionally.

So if you are good at designing your posts, than you can surely take care of this problem. Well overall this is a good placement and can top all other in making some more bucks.

Ending Note ::

Well overall there can be many more creative options to display your advertisement's and optimize your AdSense income but these are one’s normally everyone tends to apply on their personal blog. Well according to my point of view you should have 70:30 ratio for your content and ads so that your audience is happy to click on the relevant ads they view.

Do comment if you have something unique you wanna tell about adsense placements. Hope this post was quit introductory if you have any problem do contact me.