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26 August 2015

How to Find Applications Consuming Internet on Windows

These days everyone is having unlimited Internet connection which is also known as unmetered connection. But still if you are one of them is having immediate connection and you're concerned about the applications using your Internet bandwidth, then it's better to know that which applications are draining your Internet bandwidth. They can find a lot of applications that he can use to check which applications are using the Internet and even track down how much downloading and uploading you're doing with your connection.

But today I will show you an official way in Windows by which you can track down applications those are consuming your Internet connection and draining your bandwidth.

Check Applications Secretly Connecting to Internet

Now we are going to use simple command in the command prompt, to get details about the applications in a text file, so the command we're going to use the track down the applications within few minutes and then log them up in a simple text file.

  1. In your Start Menu, type CMD which will get you Command Prompt, now make sure to open Command Prompt as an administrator. So right click and choose option Run as administrator.
  2. Now in the command prompt, type below line and press enter.

    netstat -b 5 > activity.txt

  3. After that wait for 2 minutes, now press Ctrl + C & type below line & press Enter.


  4. This will open the Activity.txt file containing list of applications consuming your internet bandwidth, with proper date and time.

activity text file for windows

So you can see in the above image, I have just opened up my activity.txt file and it shows me the TCP connection the name of the application and the connection status it's established or what.So in this way you can see if any unknown application is connecting to the Internet you can just go to the task manager and the minute that application so that your Internet bandwidth this not trained and you have enough Internet bandwidth to enjoy other stuff on the Internet.