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29 August 2015

Download Auslogics BoostSpeed 8 for Free with Serial

Keeping your computer in good shape requires you to keep it virus free, with proper antivirus installed and other useful utilities. I already posted about the tuneup utility software for windows that can help you in removing all those junk files to pick it files even fixing up all those registry problems. Today I have a new software Auslogics BoostSpeed 8 for windows which can help you in fixing all your Windows errors and keeping your windows running smooth and in a secure condition.

auslogics boostspeed 8 software windows

Auslogics boost speed 8 for windows helps you analyze the issues that might be affecting the overall performance of a computer. If you still on the HDD instead of SSD, then it can help you to defrag your HDD and clean out all the junk files and repair registry errors. It can even detect all the browsers running in your windows and then clean, some cache files, cookies and other junk files that might have been created from your browsers.

If in any case you have deleted file that was so important to you than the software can even undelete those files. In short, it can to cover all those important deleted files and you will. It gives you the same possibilities of TuneUp utility software with 15+ easy-to-use PC maintenance features inbuilt into the software. There can be many services that might be running in the background and increasing the load on your system. This can detect if those applications are being used or not, and turn them off.

Clean up your Space Consuming Files in your Drives

You might not be aware about some files that might be huge in size and taking a lot of space on your system drives or even the other drives with this you can check out all those files that might be hogging up your system and hence delete those files instantly.

You might be installing a lot of software's few of them automatically run their services as soon as your Windows is booted up, so you can disable the start of items hence you putting speed will increase and your RAM will not be consumed a lot.

Tweak System Settings for Increased Speed & Productivity

It can scan and analyze all the system settings and can disable and enable them according to your use which will in return, increase your speed and productivity to work on your Windows system.

Apart from all these features it comes with many more utilities and features that you can utilize in order to increase your system speed and productivity and hence keep your system smooth and running in the best condition from the date you purchased it.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 8 One Year Genuine License Key

The best part, now you're getting this paid software absolutely for free for one full year with a genuine license key, so you do not have to participate in any kind of competition, promotional giveaway's etc. because this key is genuine from the makers itself and you just have to install the software and use license key to activate your product for full one year.

So let's see how you can install this software on your Windows machine and use the one year genuine license key to activate your product and increase speed of your windows machine.

  1. Download Auslogics BoostSpeed 8 from their official website.
  2. After you have download the tool simply install it in a normal way on your Windows machine.
  3. Now to activate your productive the keys mentioned below. You just have to go on the registration page and enter the below key with your name.


That's it guys. This will for sure give you one year product activated the general license key and you can enjoy all its services and features for free, in case you find any difficulties installing or using the key remarks area is just below do comments and let me know. Have fun and enjoy, PEACE !