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19 October 2013

Some Useful & Recommended Blogging Tools & Services

Hmm starting an online empire or dreaming to become a professional blogger you will surely need few tools and services that will simply allow you to make your whole blogging process a lot easier. Well these tools and services get you started up and even sky rocket your whole work in just few days making it much more easier and convenient for you to work on your favorite blog.

Well today I will be discussing few good and best blogging tools and online services that are absolutely free to use and even provide an awesome experience. So now just jump in and lets get started with the list.

  1. live-writer-logoWindows Live Writer - is an awesome and must tool that allows you to create and customize your blog posts on the go with its awesome and innovative tools list. Well it's a Microsoft product and works pretty well with every blogging platform, but entirely compatible with Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr or any other custom blogging platform. Well I use it for my every blog post I create and I entirely depend on Live Write for all my creations, frankly speaking if its gone my blogging will be totally done, I cannot blog without it.
  2. Ping-O-Matic - is a blog pinging online tool that allows you to ping your blog URL and Feed Link on different search engine and other crawling agents. Its useful in telling search engines that you blog has been updated with some latest content and you are ready to share it with the world, so that they can send their robots and can fetch and cache your work into their database for future use.
  3. Blogger-logoBlogger - well I do not need to suggest anything about blogger as it is the world's renowned free blogging platform available for easy and faster blog setup. Well I have already posted the whole Blogger Biography post that your an check out to see everything about blogger, its formation then tranfership to Google and pretty much everything, so this is the best way to start your free online empire.
  4. Copyscape - is an online Plagiarism checker that allows you to check for duplicate and copied content from your blog on the internet. So you can easily figure out who has really copied your content and snatching your whole traffic, well then you can easily use an online DMCA Complaint Form to get that post or content down and easily get back the whole traffic.
  5. Siteliner - is another blog analyzing tool that you can use to check for per post word count, page power, title, broken links, XML Sitemap and even duplicate content, so its like a sister site to copyscape but really powerful. So you just need to visit the website and enter your domain name like below and then everything process is carried out automatically.
  6. Feedburner - is email marketing tool that pretty much everyone with a free motive is using to manage their email list and syndicate their content among everyone. Well it's a Google's product and that represents its simplicity and ease of work, people can easily subscribe to your blog's email list by using this service and then you can easily send emails to all of them automatically as soon as you have some content on your website.
  7. Digg-LogoDigg Reader - I have already discussed about Digg Reader in my earlier post as it has taken a major place after Google Reader was taken down with some unknown reasons, so I am using this service to manage my blog's list and I simply enjoy using this service after trying so many other's like Feedly, FeedDemon and many others, so I think if you are searching for some nice RSS Feed Reader then this one will surely attract you so much.
  8. Google Page Speed - allows you to measure the exact speed your website is taking to load, well it even shows you the problem and solutions to overcome those problem, well you get a score rating out of 100 and if you website comes under 80-100 mark then its pretty good but if you site is not crossing the the 60 mark then you really need to fix your website up as it causes many problems for visitors to access more content and even increases your bounce rate.
  9. analytics-logoGoogle Analytics - is really a powerful web analytics tool by Google that allows you to track every single movement on your website and analyze it using its awesome technology. You can easily track who came to your website, from where he exactly came, his country and everything. So if you are blogging this is the best way to analyze your and track your every reader or new visitor to make and execute new traffic gaining strategies. Well you obviously need a valid google account and some blog attached to this service to get stats activated.

So possible these are the tools I think that will surely support your new blog and will allow you to sky rocket your blog's traffic in few days. Well this post will get updated as soon as I find few more awesome tools or services that you can use. Well this post is open for everyone so if you have some nice tool do comment so that I can update this post with those tools.