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23 October 2013

5 Best Money Making Affiliate Programs for Indians

best-affiliate-programPeople are just searching for ways to make easy money, some get success by creating their first most blog and some are still cramming to make few bucks right from their year old blog. Well its not that easy to make money online but still finding new ways to make can lead you to some nice healthy path. Well people usually start with applying for AdSense but you need to be aware about few things before you could apply for adsense and there are few people who are struggling with disabled AdSense accounts well whatever it is people just cannot figure out a smooth way to make good money.

Well there is one another way that most big bloggers use to make huge 5 figure income online that "Affiliate Marketing" that can boost their income that AdSense cannot create and even its safe but little harder to achieve the goals.

What's Affiliate Marketing?

Well now if this work sounds little bit odd and you do not know what really affiliate marketing is, then let me tell you, Affiliate Marketing is simply sponsoring products and referring members to purchase that product on behalf of you so that you can commission from the seller for you good work. Well it works on simple funda the more you refer people the more you can earn through these programs.

Best Affiliate Programs Available in India

So now I have just composed this post explaining few of the best affiliate programs that works best for Indian Traffic and can gain you some nice figure income. Well obviously this can take sometime depending on your traffic and referring strategies but I will cover that topic in my future post, so for right now just enjoy these 5 best affiliate programs and get yourself an online job.

  1. Flipkart Affiliate Program - you all might be aware with the flipkart mega store, well it has gained a lot of fame with its most trusted online stuff delivering service. Well the best thing is that flipkart comes with an affiliate program that you can signup for and can earn commissions upto 15% well obviously commission rates depend on the stuff you get people referred to you can check their rates for different categories. So sign up and get some banners and links and then share them with your friends or readers as soon as they make some purchase you can tip.
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program - pretty similar to flipkart amazon has just launched their Indian version categorizing all products according to the Indian needs, well even they have a affiliate program that can earn you upto 10% commissions. So you even get their banner links and apply them on your website, so as soon as someone makes some purchase you get some nice commission.
  3. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program - if you own a travel blog like posting about places and countries people should visit then you go for MakeMyTrip affiliate program that allows you to make upto 3-5% on domestic flights and Rs.500 on any International Flight. So yes you can just post some places and then add links like cheap flight tickets or so and then add your affiliate link, so if that person books the flight you get paid for booking that flight on MakeMyTrip.
  4. Hostgator Affiliate Program - hostgator is another good name in in online domains booking and hosting services, well they have a huge affiliate commission tied up so you can get upto Rs.2800 per Sign-Up so its just amazing, you can add their links into your website or you can even review their service using the post medium and add their affiliate links into that post so anyone who clicks on that links and sign-ups using your links, you will get some nice affiliate return.
  5. Shaddi.com Affiliate Program - is considered as the best matrimonial online service so it pays huge commissions to affiliates upto 75% so if you own some dating or relationship websites then you can easily add its banners and make some nice money online. So just sign up and start making money.

So these were 5 best affiliate programs Indians can join and start making money with, well do not focus on one thing try to explore more and more ways to make money online, this could be your first step in making money, it could be a success or a failure but you do not fail until you try and find another good medium to make money, hope you guys loved this post enjoy and have fun.