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03 April 2016

Prank your Friends Invert their Mouse Direction for Fun

I love to prank my friends either by fake calling them with different numbers or showing them some weird Blue Screen Errors on their PC that is too fake. I have posted many other pranks too you can check them all by visiting my pranks section. Well today I have something that is not that much cool but still your friends could get in dilemma when they won’t be able to click what they actually want to and would be running crazy.

Simple Tool to Invert your Mouse Direction for Fun

Now this tool does not have much configurations, you have simple settings that you can do once and let this small software run in the background and enjoy the expressions of your friend while they get confused.

sakasa mouse inverting tool settingsThe best way to execute this tool is to sit with your friends on their computer and ask them for something to make or send them somewhere, while they are out install this small utility and let it sit in the background while fun starts.

So as you can see the settings in the image on the right, you can choose what all you need to be reversed and that is it your pranking tool will execute and start the awesome fun time for you and your friends.

Download Sakasa Mouse Inverting Tool for Free

Now you can download this tool using the website its hosted on. After you have downloaded the tool just start the tool and configure it once, then ask your friends about the problem you are facing using their mouse. They will get confused about what actually happened.

Download Here