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02 April 2016

How to Install Country Restricted Apps in Android Easily

Android has vast selection of applications that you choose from, either its a game, productive app or a knowledgeable application you can get it on the PlayStore. So either its a free application or a paid one you can get everything on android but sometimes there are few apps that have country based installing restrictions and you get to see a message “This app is not supported or available in your country” that means that the developer has implemented few restrictions on the circulation of that app where it will work and where not.

install android applications with country restrctions

Well we are going to fix this and help you in installing any android application that might have country based restrictions, so lets get started.

Install Non Country Supported Android Applications Easily

So to accomplish this we will be using a VPN application, that virtual private network and hence if you shift to the country the app is supported we should be able to download and install that application easily.

  1. So now for this you need any application that states “The item is not available in your country” like you can see in the above image.
  2. Then you need to install a VPN application on android, I have posted many VPN free solutions for windows users like F-Secure Freedome VPN and many others, you can a search above.
  3. But for Android we will be using the TunnelBear VPN, you can download and install it on your device for free.
  4. After installing TunnelBear VPN, open the app and create your free account and Sign In using your account credentials.
  5. Now after successful Sign In just choose United States as the country and then Turn on VPN Connect Switch. (We chose United States as maximum apps are supported in that country, in case you wanna choose a different one, you can do that on your own)
  6. Now you need to close Google Play Store, in case its still open and then Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and press the Clear Data option.
  7. Again open your Play Store, Accept terms and agreement and skip the payment method and make a search for that same application.
  8. Now that app will not show any country related warning and will be available for direct installation.

So now install the application and close the VPN as it might slow down the internet speed. In case the app still shows any country restrictions while using that app, then reopen VPN choose country once again and use the app without any problems. I hope this will help you in installing your favorite android application without any country restrictions, have fun and enjoy.