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05 March 2017

How to Setup your Online Business with $10 & Google Acc.

online-businessPeople are continuously shifting from offline to online business, they are trying to make it much more simple and easier to gain money and start their living online. Well according to me they are on the right path and this thing really works as I am into this business and this is working pretty smooth for me. Everyone who is trying to come online is supported by major companies like Google and Facebook those are providing numerous number of services for improved online environment.

Now as the post title suggests, I will be showing you how you can setup your own personal online business with nothing else then $10 and a free Google account. Now we can even use some secondary add-on websites like Facebook to prompt and get referral traffic but that's secondary part and without it also you can run your business successfully.

So now lets jump in to the steps on creating your online presence in this online world, it might be technical so you can obviously take help of some technical person.

#1. The Master Key - Your Google Account

Your free Google account is the must to have thing as it is going to provide you with numerous amount of services that you are going to use in your whole online business lifespan. So its must to create a Google account by signing up for it for free.

Now you can add your basic genuine details, and for the username you can choose to go with your online brand name like hackinguniversity@gmail.com so it looks more professional to anyone you send emails to.

So now do not consider this step for just creating a email address but it's the master key to your all online works and its gonna work like a main shield.

#2. Creating Free Blogger Blog

Now the second step is to create a free blogger blog, well blogger is a free platform by Google where people can blog about their personal life and start a business oriented blog sharing knowledge with people all over the world.

Well using blogger you can easily create a website designing it to your own wish and adding content what you like. So the best part is Google automatically shares your unique stuff with people all over the world and you can get traffic that you can manipulate by adding AdSense or other monetizing options. Well we will discuss about AdSense below.

  1. So now visit Blogger.com
  2. Now click on Create a New Blog option.
  3. Now give a nice title and choose a nice blog URL like hackinguniversity.blogspot.com
  4. Now Hit create blog and choose a default theme that can be customized afterwards.

That's it now your blog is created and you can start publishing your articles, giving them title and writing unique content into it. So its pretty fun.

#3. Adding Custom Domain to your Blogger Blog

Well now the third and most important step is to make your blog professional by adding a custom domain to it and removing that subdomain hackinguniversity.blogspot.com from it so that it becomes something like hackinguniversity.in so its much more easier to remember and share with your friends.

So now there are many website's from which you can purchase a domain name and redirect your blogger blog to custom domain but I have posted a brief tutorial on custom domaining your blogger blog using BigRock.in hosting service. So you can easily follow this tutorial and add a nice custom domain to your blog.

So this is the step that involves $10 amount to be invested by you, so the domain you will be purchasing would be $10 for 1 year, so you will need to pay $10 after 1 year once again.

#4. Designing your Online Blogger Business

So now the thing comes in to design your blog, so that people get attracted towards it and engage more into your business. So now if you are good at CSS you can easily manipulate every part of your blogger blog or you can upload a nice custom template and change everything automatically.

Well you can get many free blogger templates by searching in our Templates section or you can access many free blogger template website online by searching on Google.

#5. Monetizing your Online Blogging Business

Now obviously business des not mean only to create a nice online presence, so we have to think about its future and we need to monetize it so that we can running costs for it easily. Well now Google even provides any easy way to monetize your blog or website with their free AdSense program.

AdSense is an awesome online monetizing program that pays you for the clicks you get on the ads displayed on your websites. So now getting AdSense is not that easy to get you might need to follow few important steps before applying for AdSense.

So now after you have checked your website for these important steps, you can apply for it by visiting their website Adsense.com and creating your account. you can also check for other AdSense tips and tutorials mentioned on the right.

That's it so this was the easy tutorial on setting up your online business with just $10 and a free Google account. Well if you face any problem following any steps mentioned then do comment below I will be really happy to sought it out.