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05 March 2017

Few Tips that will allow you to Boost your Website Traffic

increase-web-trafficBlogging is simply considered as successful when you are getting visitors from search using the keywords that you have added and people are eagerly searching for, well getting paid or direct traffic is not considered healthy in terms of Page Rank and other things, if you are a serious blogger then you know the importance of getting good and loyal search traffic but to get that you obviously need to have a nice optimized base like if you are in blogger make sure you have installed the universal blogger SEO code that works pretty well in optimizing your blog from core and the other is optimizing your blogger's post title to get more high rank in search engine.

How to Increase Website Traffic ?

Well now apart from that there are few things that you should know before posting an post using any blogging platform. So now I have even created list that will surely guide you on how you can create the best articles and even optimize them to get search traffic whole year long, so check all the points mentioned below.

  1. Using Lists - well creating lists inside posts in order to display other related posts or series is the best way to bounce your visitor from that to another as he needs to read the full detailed tutorial that hidden among other posts.
  2. Current Topics - well adding post related to topics happening right now is the best way to engage from all the world searching for once same thing over and over again in order to get more insight on that part. So try to explore the trends and post something related to what people are searching virally.
  3. Breaking News - adding news that might be heart breaking could seriously get your blog a lot of exposure, so it's the best way to get viral traffic.
  4. Short & Impressive Posts - writing short but pithy posts could surely add your blog in social media exchange as people love to share news with all there friends so make your posts are short enough for understanding.
  5. Proper Headings - you might have insight about the headings that people usually use in their posts, well now if you think they are just used in order to improve the posts SEO well no, they are basically used in order to display proper headings that simply make the post more understandable, so make sure to use them.
  6. Blogger Interviews - well if you are a keen blogger then you will love to Interview other blogger's, well people usually love to get inspired but the true stories on real blogger's on how they made their huge empire and what strategies they are still using, well try to interview some good blogger as it will get your blog a good traffic.
  7. Adding Sharing Widgets - make sure you are using good or popular sharing widgets in order to get your posts spreading in every direction, well using these widgets anyone can easily share your posts with everyone.
  8. Embedding Poll's - poll's are the best way to get easy one click answers from your visitors, well you can easily ask some nice questions from your visitors and easily get their view about that thing.
  9. Use Good Images - well images are the best way to make any of your blog post look good and attractive, well but make sure that the images you are suing are relevant to your posts else it might look ridiculous.
  10. Website Subscribing - make sure to ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog using the email subscribing widget's or liking your fan page on facebook and even following you on twitter.
  11. Using Comments - well make sure that you blog has enabled comments as it is the best way users engage with each other, well if you are using Disqus commenting system then you know how they show related posts that's the best way users are redirected to your other related posts.
  12. Writing Posts on Google & Facebook - well these are the two biggest online firms and people are keen enough to know what these big companies are planning fro future, so writing some interesting about these two brands could make your blog more popular for getting latest & viral news.
  13. Less Advertisements - well I know advertisements are the base of your blog and without them you cannot run it peacefully, but still you can maintain a nice balanced ratio for getting your blog feel more fresh but still monetized. as you can see I am only using AdSense as my income source, so if you have adsense enabled for you blog then make sure you do not use any bad popups stuff.
  14. Tweaking Template Design - well it's the best way to encourage anyone to visit your blog once again to see what new you have for them every week, well try to tweak your blog's template every week by introducing new widgets and then posting the news on your facebook page to notify people about that update.
  15. Providing Credits to Creator's - well if you taken content or inspiration for other blog's then make sure to add a link back to their website as it will show real respect towards the one who has seriously done a really neat work. Well in return even they will add your link if they take inspiration from your blog.
  16. Maintain Language - make sure your blog is well written in English language as it's the basic language of the whole world and people from different regions can easily understand what you have written.
  17. Analyzing Analytics - try to analyze the visitor you are getting and create content according to them, if they are teenagers try to add some entertainment based things and vice versa.
  18. Create a Q&A Page - well try to create a Questions & Answers page where people can easily ask question and you or your fellow readers or visitors can answer them openly. So it will engage people with continuously facing problems.

So possibly these were the few tips you can implement on your blog in order to get more traffic from the search engines and even from other social platforms, well do comment if you think I have missed something.