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08 July 2012

A Simple Guide to Good Torrents and Faster Downloads

utorrent logoTorrents are the best means of downloading huge files over the internet, well they are considered as illegal but still people from all over the world use torrents for transferring files and enjoying media on the go. Well below are simple steps which will help you in choosing a good torrent and maintaining faster download speeds.
  1. Never Queue Torrents : People love to add torrents in bulk and leave their PC on while files get downloaded but well queuing torrents is a not good option because they can stop and start anytime hence messing up the list how they were download, so better grab one file and let it be downloaded and than start another one.
  2. Seed One File : If you are downloading files do not seed more than one file because your uploading speed is the major factor in getting good torrent speeds.
  3. Test Speeds : When ever you install a bittorent client it asks you to configure some settings which include the download and upload speeds, well for that thing firstly you need to check your speed at www.speedtest.net and once you understand your speeds enter the max upload and download speeds in your torrent client.
  4. Never Force Start Torrent : Forcing your torrent to download is something like increasing pressure on your torrent client. Well this will surely decrease your overall speeds because it will try to download the file without any seeds.
  5. Stop Other Activity : Make sure that when you start downloading a torrent file, you are not browsing, skyping or doing any other internet based activity as it will surely harm your download speeds.
  6. Share your Stuff : Give and Take is a good rule to be allied positively, share some awesome stuff you have by creating your own torrent as it will give you some knowledge about how everything works out.
  7. Never Restrict Upload : Restricting your upload speed will surely leave you not getting that file downloaded to your PC, so remember not to restrict and also not to max it a normal condition will work perfectly.

So here ends this educational guide to good torrent and faster downloads, if you liked this out make sure to like it on Facebook so that your friends can also enjoy this one.