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14 July 2012

A Simple & Effective Way for Waterproofing your Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes can be a attractive object to water and surely when rain comes you might think so some effective solution which can help you in making your canvas shoes waterproof hence water not entering in your shoes and making your feet's messy, well David Zwickerhill has found a simple yet effective way of making your canvas shoes totally waterproof.
This includes nothing just some household items like Wax and a Dryer and boom your canvas shoes will be turned into a waterproof object easily just check out the below image based tutorial and you will get to know about it easily.
waterproof canvas shoes
So the real concept here is too rub the wax and apply it to all over the object which is the canvas shoes and heating the wax up with the dryer so that it soaks in effectively and than wax acts as a shield and does not let any water to pass through it, hence your shoe becomes waterproof.