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04 October 2013

How to Get 2500 Backlinks to your Website for Free

So earlier we found an amazing tool caller "SocialMonkey" that allow you to create and ping your webpages to 25 different sources and if you become premium (by paying or referring people) you are able to submit your blog posts to 100 different and unique sources each day, but today I have found another good source that allows you to publish your websites links to 2500 different websites bringing you 2500 unique backlinks and improving your search ranking and blog traffic.

So well you just need a valid blog URL and few keywords that you want to index with your backlinks and that's all to submit your website's link to 2500 sites.

  1. Visit IMT Website Submitter
  2. So now you will see a form below just fill it up with your Domain name and few keywords that represent your website.
  3. So it will look something like above, so just add best keywords that describe your website not filling it up like shit :)
  4. Now choose the pages you want to create, well the best is to go with 2,504 pages but it will take sometime, so for the startup you can create Top 50 or 100 pages.
  5. Now after entering all the fields with valid information just press on Submit and wait as it will process your request right on that page and it will star showing you all the pages it has created and pinged.
  6. So now you will see your website submission something like above, so just wait till it hits that 2504 mark and you will be done with your website submission.

So now you can even click on any link created to see if your website link is really present on that page or not, well I tested it up and its working quiet fine. So just have fun creating some fine backlinks for your website, do like and share this post.