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20 August 2013

How to Bypass Keylogging Attacks for Online Security

How to Bypass Keylogging Attacks for Online SecurityKeyloggers can be in any form like software or hardware, they can be compiled into any other software for silent installation. Keyloggers are becoming the major subject to Hacking, like if anyone is into a wrong process of getting your login credentials then he may use the keylogging attacks that too remotely while chatting with you or transferring you a mp3 file which ones clicked and things go BOOM !!!

So is there any way to bypass these harmful keylogging attacks well yes there’s always some ways to overcome any problem but the thing is you have to discover the way.

  1. The first and very well known way is too install a Anti-Keylogger Software, well what this software does is that it automatically encrypts your keystrokes hence when you type only random keys get caught so its pretty awesome to install a Anti-Keylogger Software. The one I recommend is the Zemana Anti-Keylogger.
  2. The second step you can perform is to scramble protection trick which is implemented if you are using internet in some cyber cafes or other hotspot area.
    The trick is too confuse the keylogger that what you are typing like suppose you wanna type .: HackingUniversity in the password section than how you can scramble it so that it confuses the Keylogger so if you wanna type HackingUniversity first type Ha than type Un now click your cursor in front of Ha and type other words than take your cursor in front of Un and type random letter than replace all those with other ones so you know what I am talking about.
  3. The last step you can check is too see if there is any Hardware Keylogger installed on the PC for recording your keystrokes well its is attached with the Keyboard wire like in the image below .:

How to Bypass Keylogging Attacks for Online Security

So you can see how a back device that’s Hardware Keylogger attached to the Keyboard wire can store all your keystrokes to steal your credentials and hack your account.