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20 August 2013

Trick to Get your FeedBurner Subscribers Count Instantly

feedburner logoA really simple and helpful hack to get to know your Feedburner subscribers count instantly. Sometimes you do not have any badge embed on your website as a chicklet for your Feedburner Feed and you really wanted to know the exact subscribers your have on your feed till present, well so the one way is to get subscribers count from your Feedburner account by signing in to your Google Account or we have another simple method to do this using a small URL trick.

So now this hack works simply by copying and changing the below url and adding your FeedBurner username to it so like I have done in the below url if you check the below url you will see a simple chicklet image displaying my Feedburner subscribers count.

Demo : http://feeds.feedburner.com/~fc/HackingUniversity

So you simply have to change the above URL with your own Feedburner Username and than paste that URL into your browser address bar and that’s it you will get your Feedburner subscribers count like above in the image. So now if you need a demo I have pasted my own URL just click that and you will see the feedburner count.

So this was the simple trick to get your Feedburner Subscriber Counts instantly without logging into your Google Account. So have fun and enjoy guys :)