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27 December 2012

Detect all Computers Connected to your Wireless Network

zamzomEveryone these days have installed Wi-Fi connection for easy and portable browsing, you can roam anywhere in your house work from anywhere using your laptop or tablet and even more person can join your connection by boosting it up for far away ranges, but many intruders including me try to search for some wireless networks available in their locality and connecting for free internet access. But this can turn out to be a nightmare if that guy is a bad in nature and he does something illegal with your IP address.

So you can imagine that too so now for security reasons you need to protect your wireless network by increasing its security and even know that who is using your wireless connection or how many computers are connected right now to your wireless connection.

Zamzom.com lets you know about all this with their free utility with which you know how many computers are using your wireless connection, will show you the names, IP address, Mac address.

They provide us with two different version one is free (Basic) and the other one is paid for approximately $12.50, well the free version works great and you can get info about everything using that version, the paid one is for big commercial companies for premium security.

So now grab your free version and start monitoring who exactly is using your Wi-Fi connection. You can even check out the below video on how it exactly works.