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28 December 2012

Even LPG House Cylinders have Expiry Dates Check this Out !


This might be interesting but every thing you are surrounded with has a date after which it will function bad or maybe more worse it can be life taker. Well the same case goes for the LPG House Cylinders you normally use for cooking or maybe water heating has a date or expiration after which it can leak or maybe much more worse.

So how exactly you are going to check for the expiration date of LPG Cylinders, well this information is officially printed on every cylinder so you do not need to contact your cylinder company to get this information.

Now every LPG Cylinder has tree metal bars and on two sides its weight written but on the third side its an Alpha Numeric number that the expiration date.

So in the above image its C.13 which means expiration date for above cylinder is September 2013 so now how I get to that date, well every number is coded with four alphabets A B C D and a number that the year.

Now A B C D are the quarters of a year so A means Jan, Feb, MarB means April, May, JunC means July, Aug, SepD means Oct, Nov, Dec.

And any number after the alphabet is the year so if its is .13 that means 2013 if its D.17 that means any month of Oct, Nov or Dec of 2017 it will expire.

So now make sure that when ever you receive your cylinder check for the expiration date and if its is expired do change your cylinder and report that to the police or something to save your neighbors.