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14 November 2012

How to Fix or Resolve Google Chrome Crashing Problem

Crashing while browsing is something which really makes anyone to bang his PC, well when sometimes you browse internet and you are on some really important thing which might kill you if lost and suddenly browser crashes that’s what I faced last night while browsing through Google Chrome Browser and I was like in a deep shit. Well but later I figured out the real reason behind this problem was some software confliction. Well now you might be thinking what is this software confliction well Google Chrome still lacks some software's compatibility so if you have installed some third party software's than they might be conflicting with Google Chrome, that’s why Google Chrome is crashing.

Software's that might Crash Google Chrome

There are plenty of software’s that come up bundled with plugins that they automatically install in your browsers to get proper cooperation with them, well the one most popular and much more conflicted is the IDM (Internet Download Manager) and you will probably get most crashing problems due to this software but it can be any from the below mentioned list.

  1. Safe Eyes Parental Control Software
  2. ContentWatch
  3. Microsoft Office XP Input Method Editor
  4. Naomi Web Filter
  5. Trusteer Rapport
  6. Hide My IP
  7. Venturi Firewall
  8. PPLive
  9. Internet Download Manager
  10. ESET NOD32 Antivirus only 2.7 version
  11. iS3 anti-spyware (STOPzilla)
  12. NVIDIA Network Access Manager and NVIDIA nTune
  13. WinMount
  14. FolderSize
  15. Speedbit Video Accelerator

Now these above software's can cause Google Chrome to crash, but the thing is how to exactly check which one is really conflicting with Google Chrome to crash. To check this open Google Chrome and type about:conflicts and hit enter you will see something like below.


Now you can see the orange line in the image shows the software conflicting with Google Chrome so the best way is to disable or uninstall that software.

advanced-browser-integrationDisable Advanced Browser Integration

But if in your case its really showing the Internet Download Manager than there is no need to uninstall that but you can simply disable the Advanced Browser Integration in Internet Download Manager options menu like below.

So this will simply solve your problem but if still problem persist than simply uninstall that software which is conflicting and everything will be fine so remember to check conflicts by typing about:conflicts in Google Chrome and disabling or uninstalling the conflicting software.