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12 November 2012

Automate your Mouse Movements with Ghost Mouse

ghost-mouseGhost mouse is a small utility for your windows operating system allowing you to record your mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes on windows PC. Well now you just need to click that small red record button and it will start recording what ever you do in that time interval and than after you have completed your recording you can stop and play whole of that recording back.

Well the above embed video is for the older v2.0 but still the process is same and you can check out that how ghost mouse actually works. Well I think you can use it to automate some folder opening process, or maybe some games need viral clicking one after another so you can use this utility right there too and it’s the matter of your own creativity on how you work with this little tool.

So this utility is available for free on www.ghost-mouse.com so visit and download it out and for more information you can browse their whole website, so have fun and enjoy using this tool, if you find any problems do comment.