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02 August 2013

{DIY} How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using a Beer Can

So internet is used by everyone and if you are at home you will always want that your whole house is covered by Wi-Fi so that anytime, anywhere you can access it so internet speed is must at long distance well now you can get some nice Wi-Fi Boosting using a simple and efficient Beer Can well I grabbed this amazing trick from Discovery Channel’s Website and I am posting it on my website. via - discovery

  1. boost-wifi-beer-canEmpty a Beer can obliviously after drinking that and than you have to make sure that its washed thoroughly so that there is no smell or anything left by that liquid Beer, because if anything's is left than it will be a problem and smell will be there in your whole room.
  2. Now after washing that Beer Can thoroughly you have to remove that small can opening piece you can see that in the image on the right hand side.
  3. Now after you have removed the small can opening piece you can to cut the can in the round diameter like in the image on the right hand side, we are doing this because we have to open that can and make a shape like small antenna.
  4. So now you have to repeat the same step on the other corner but this time you have to leave small space between the cuts so that the can remains attached to the bottom and we will have a look of antenna for our modem - router for boosting purpose. So remember this step is really important to follow else your antenna will not look like how it should be.
  5. So now the main steps are completed, now you have to cut the can vertically from between like in the image on the right hand side. and your antenna will take looks like how it should be and now you only have to attach this antenna to your modem so that we can se its effect.
  6. Now last step is too attach this antenna to your modem - router, you can use any adhesive or M-Seal which has really a good hold, so in this step you can change directions of your antenna suiting your will, like in which direction you want it too boost the signal.
  7. Now your antenna is ready for boosting purpose and it will look something like below you can check the image below.