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02 August 2013

Online Error Generating Service Creates Funny Fake Pop-Ups

funny-fake-popupsOnline Error Generator can help you to make amazing windows styled errors online which can help you in pranking out of your friends. This online service can be configured the way you want with its really simple options. Now the error will look similar to what you can see on the right, but off-course you have the ability to make a whole lot of changes to this thing, like you can add your own title and your message and you can even change the button text for more spooky effect. So there are many possibilities, so for now on just check out how you can use this service.

  1. Visit Error Generator Website
  2. Now you will see all the options which you can customize according to your error button needs name, website, icon and all the rest things.
  3. So check all the options and after that click on Generate Error Button and you will get your error link which you can share with your innocent friends and as soon as he opens that link he will get that error and boom, work is done.
  4. But still one step is left to make this link more genuine just shorten this link up with any good shortening service like bit.ly, goo.gl or any good one you like so that this real link is masked out and your friend does not assume it as spooky.

Well there are few more options if you wanna go for like Kirsle Error Message Generator & Smasher Error Message Generator, I even heard about some windows tools that can be used to create errors, if you know some good ones do comment below so that I can update this post, have fun and do prank your friends.