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22 October 2012

Chrome Asterisk Password Revealing using Inspect Option

chrome-logoWe have already discussed about Asterisk ( The Black Password Dots ) revealing in our another post you can check that Asterisk Password Revealing Post Here. And now we are attempting to hack those passwords again but with the official help of Chrome, yes that’s right now we don’t need any JavaScript's or add-on to do that work because we can do that thing right from Chrome with its inspect element feature.

This trick can only be performed through inspect element feature right now available in Chrome so you must have Chrome Browser for this trick to work out. Next you must have a saved password means if anyone's password is already inserted out than this trick will be pretty useful.

  • Now suppose you were in any Cyber Café and you opened Chrome Browser to surf Website and you come across Google Sign-In Page and you see that someone has already signed in before you and his password is displayed in black dots like in the below image.


  • So now just select that password and right click to use the Inspect Element feature officially available by chrome. So now as soon as you click “Inspect Element” Chrome will open a small dialog below that website containing some Html text in which you password line will be highlighted like below.


  • So now you just need to do some modification to that line, you have to change the type="password" to type="text" now as soon as you will change it to text your password will be displayed.


  • Now as you can see your password is disclosed like below officially by Chrome so this is an amazing Bug in Chrome which should be fixed soon.


So now password is displayed for that account the best part would be to tell that guy to change his or her password as soon as possible and you should not do any mischief with his or her account. Hope you liked this trick and if you do share this with all your friends.